Allsteel Presents Innovative Task Chair To Support Mobility

Pli is a responsive, engineered chair created to provide lasting support in contemporary workplace mobility behaviors.

Allsteel, Inc. introduced Pli, a responsive task chair that makes moving easy. A light-task or alternative-task solution, Pli supports contemporary workplace mobility behaviors while offering an approachable, appealing design aesthetic that is easy to integrate into any visual identity.

Pli provides comfort through two design features. The first is a four-point seat suspension system that responds to the user’s natural shifts in seated postures to support healthy workstyles. The second is a backrest that has been engineered to reduce the perception of a rigid perimeter, such as that found on most traditional mesh-back designs. Offered in task and stool-height configurations with two arm styles, fixed and height-adjustable, this task chair is the culmination of user needs, organizational values, and contemporary design aesthetics.

Research has shown that movement is a key to wellness. When preference or ability may prevent standing or other alternative working postures, traditionally rigid seat and backrest designs inhibit wellbeing by limiting the range of motion. Pli’s intuitively designed seat and backrest provide not only immediate physical ease but lasting support throughout the day, without needing to be manually fine-tuned. The task chair’s four-point seat suspension is complemented by front-edge seat flex through a waterfall design, an engineered-to-flex backrest, and a light scale control mechanism to provide ergonomic support and address diverse user activity with superlative convenience. Pli’s sensibility allows the task chair to adjust to each user as they sit, move, reach, and work, smartly redefining seated flexibility.

Allsteel’s introduction of Pli not only provides the market with a solution that has been scaled to support the continued reduction in real estate and workstation footprints. The task chair’s clean aesthetic emphasizes its ergonomic performance and exceptional comfort and comes in the choice of five back mesh colors and four base/frame colors in nature-inspired neutrals.

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