Amerlux Track Lighting System

Slots and Dots magnetic lighting modules allow light sources to snap in and out as needed

Slots and Dots from Amerlux is a configurable low voltage track lighting system that creates visual ambience for hospitality, commercial, and retail environments. It features surface, recessed, or pendant mounting options, with magnetic lighting modules so light sources can be snapped in and out as needed.track lighting system

Slots are made up of linear modules to create visual interest, wall grazing, and glare free accent. Dots deliver focused beams of light from either an accent, pendant, or surface mounted accent that bring items into focus.

Slots and Dots offers clean, compact styling. The 1″ wide 48V track features magnetic attachments, so light sources can be snapped in and out as needed, making it easy to change the lighting in a room between events. Lighting elements within the track system can be moved without the need for an electrician.

track lighting systemSlots and Dots features 6 watts per foot (15 watts max); up to a 1,206 lumen output; and up to 9,104 Candle Beam Center Power (CBCP). Color temperature can be 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, or 4000K with a CRI of 80+ or 90+.

Light attachments for Slots and Dots include accent track heads, a pendant accent, and four different linear options, with lensed sources for ambient light and optics for direct light. The four linear options include: Opal (glow), MicroPrism (general illumination), Comfort (light on target with minimal glare), and 30deg (directional light with 30° beam).

track lighting systemSlots and Dots is available in variable lengths and field cuttable to fit any design or run length. In addition, the track lighting system is offered in four different styles for more options:

  1. Deep recessed track for flush mounting of linear lighting elements
  2. Shallow recessed track for surface-mount appearance of lighting elements only
  3. Deep Surface/Pendant track to visually see the track with linear lighting elements fully recessed
  4. Surface Shallow track for use when linear lighting elements are desired to be seen