Angel Soft Ultra Brings At-Home Toilet Paper To Away-From-Home Facilities

Compact coreless toilet paper can help improve custodian productivity and facility sustainability efforts.

GP PRO, a division of Georgia-Pacific, introduced its Angel Soft Ultra Professional Series® Compact® Coreless Premium 2-Ply Toilet Paper, bringing the softness, performance, and assured supply consumers enjoy at home to offices, restaurants, healthcare facilities, and other locations.

In one GP PRO study, 69% of consumers said at-home quality toilet paper in public restrooms would improve their perception of a facility. In another, 30% of consumers said low-quality toilet paper makes them question the hygiene and cleanliness of a public restroom. And in yet another survey, 48% of consumers said they expect public restrooms to be clean and well stocked, and 50% have chosen not to return to a business because the restrooms didn’t meet those expectations.

In addition to addressing consumer-facing expectations, Compact coreless toilet paper can also help improve custodian productivity and facility sustainability efforts. In fact, GP PRO research shows that 89% of Compact coreless customers have reduced the frequency with which they need to replenish toilet paper, which frees custodians to perform a higher level of cleaning and disinfecting tasks. In terms of sustainability, Angel Soft Ultra Compact coreless toilet tissue allows for almost 100% usage of each roll, which nearly eliminates stub roll waste, and it uses 95% less packaging compared to standard GP PRO toilet paper.

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