ANN SACKS’ Six New Tile Collections

Alyssa, Casa Mila, Cue, Gallery Glass, Mason, and Vedere include handcrafted designs

ANN SACKS has introduced six new tile collections to its product portfolio, including designs handcrafted from marble, porcelain, glass, and brick.

tileCreamy white with crystalline demarcations, Alyssa hails from Greece, renowned for its purity in marbles, and creates an option for interiors. Its sparkling, softly honed face, broken by light grey mottling, adds variation and visual movement for a neutral backdrop to support even the boldest of color choices.

Alyssa is suitable for most commercial applications, but with its primarily pure white color, suggested for lighter traffic areas if selected for flooring. It is available in 4″x12″, 12″x24″, 16″x16″, and 24″x24″ field sizes and in a 30″x72″ slab. As with all marble, it is recommended to protect the surface with a penetrating sealer with periodic cleaning and resealing to maintain its character and pure color for years to come.

tileThe Casa Mila collection marries encaustic tile’s slight undulating surface and natural imperfections with the forgiving, virtually maintenance-free nature of porcelain for a tile that fits almost every environment. Hearkening from Spain, Casa Mila features four patterns that can be laid up in a repeating, singular design statement or mixed for a one-of-a-kind custom installation.

The glazed face of Casa Mila imparts a slight reflective quality and neutral color palette to incorporate and enhance surrounding mediums such as stone, ceramic, and glass. Offered in a 12″x12″ field tile, Casa Mila has rectified edges to achieve tight joints for a seamless appearance and by its very nature, the strength and durability to withstand even high traffic areas.

Inspired by simple graphic shapes, the patterns—Circle Gris, Cross Azul, Diamond Bianco, and Diamond Nero —can be used in interior wall and floor applications. Outdoor use is subject to climate and method of installation but would not be affected by freeze/thaw conditions. Casa Mila’s porcelain composition employs 43.7% recyclable content, which also makes it an ecologically sound choice.

tileCue features an understated palette and versatile nature to be equally comfortable whether used in interior or exterior installations as well as all the benefits that naturally come with selecting a porcelain tile. The neutral shades-of-white color options—Anthracite, Bianco, Beige, Cemento, and Cenere—serve as a backdrop to traditional and contemporary spaces and all are available in matte and linen finishes. Cue is handcrafted in Italy and composed of 40% recyclable content. Its ease of maintenance, strength, and durability makes it a suitable choice for hard-working, high traffic spaces and large-scale interior installations. Outdoor use is subject to the method of installation as it is not susceptible to freeze/thaw conditions.

tileHandcrafted in Italy, Gallery Glass takes its rightful place among these best-of-class ANN SACKS products with its beauty, eye-catching standard color choices, and versatile nature to transform spaces inside and out. To achieve its radiating depth, spectrum of coloration, and shimmering surface, Gallery Glass requires a multi-faceted laminated process that seals in the rich shade variations and surrounds the tile in a protective seal. It also creates the appearance of undulating movement across the surface that reflects and refracts surrounding light.

The rich array of colors currently available from ANN SACKS are Bark, Blackened Steel, Burnished Silver, Gilt, Dust Gold, Glacier, and Antique. Gallery Glass is offered standard in 12″x24″ and 24″x24″ field tiles and exclusive custom sizes from 4″x24″ up to 47″x110″ with an extended lead time. Gallery Glass is suitable for all indoor wall and flooring applications including showers. Based upon the method of installation, Gallery Glass can be considered for outdoor projects as it is not susceptible to freeze/thaw conditions.

tileJoining the 14 collections under the ANN SACKS MADE series is Mason, a collaborative effort that takes simple masonry style brick and elevates it. From its humble roots as raw brick from California, it is transformed by ANN SACKS to resonate with personality and depth of color.

Mason has visual character presenting a face textured with nooks and crannies. The rugged surface creates a medium for ANN SACKS’ in-house, handcrafted interactive glazes, which pool and break over the surface lending variation in color and a shimmered gloss and reflective quality that moves with shifting light patterns. Mason is offered in a 2″x8″ field tile. The design is dressed in a rich palette of matte and crackle glazes and is available in shades of Crystal, Deep Midnight, Faded Denim, Lichen (shown here), Murphy, Obsidian, and Poseidon. Mason is suitable for all indoor wall applications. Its composition is perfect for withstanding the higher heat of fireplace surrounds and behind stove installations.

tileVedere is a mirrored glass tile handcrafted by artisans from Siena, Italy. The tile gives the appearance of mirror that has aged over time, its shimmering face shifting in varying, soft color with a surface broken by contrasting mottling and flecking. To achieve its vintage look and three-dimensional effect, artists meld exacting handcraft with modern oxidation processes to create variation in pattern and coloration. Each are hand-cut in 15.5″x15.5″ field tiles, with custom sizes available upon request.

Suitable for all indoor wall applications, Vedere can also be considered for wet, non-submerged areas such as shower walls and backsplashes. Vedere is offered standard in three shades: Diamante, a muted silver surface broken by slightly deeper mottling in silver and soft gold; Luna, a highly polished face with streaks of deep silver; and Sodalite, a softly honed silver with gold and deep silver mottling. Vedere is also available in premium shade, Stella di Polvere, a polished mirror in soft blush mottled with gold.