ANSUL Acoustic Nozzle Receives UL Verification

The first fire protection product to earn a UL Verification Mark

Johnson Controls recently received Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Verification for its ANSUL® Acoustic Nozzle, making it the first fire protection product to earn a marketing claim verification for performance. This independent, science-based assessment confirms the accuracy of a manufacturer’s marketing claims, allowing customers to be confident in their product selection.acoustic nozzle

The acoustic nozzle earned the verification for this claim: “1/3 octave sound power is less than 110 dB for regulated flow and less than 113 dB for orifice flow.”

“We are pleased to award Johnson Controls the first industry UL Verification for acoustic nozzle performance,” said Ghanem Zureikat, UL global business development manager. “This objective, third-party validation allows companies to stand out from those with self-declared or unsubstantiated claims.”

Data Centers and server rooms are continuously improving their efficiencies to store and process more data. Improvements in computing hardware have led to an increase in Hard Disk Drive (HDD) sensitivity to sound. Inert gas fire suppression systems, normally used to protect this type of equipment, can produce sound levels that may have adverse effects on noise sensitive equipment.

The ANSUL Acoustic Nozzle, in combination with an INERGEN Fire Suppression System, is particularly useful for suppressing fires in hazards where sound levels may affect sensitive electronic equipment as found in server rooms and data centers. The nozzle reduces the sound power level compared with standard nozzles and offers exceptional area coverage. It is suitable for use with existing hydraulic flow calculation software and available with both NPT and BSP connection threads. ​​​​

The ANSUL Acoustic Nozzle passed all UL testing standards to perform as acoustically intended using exclusive sound power calculation software.

“It’s exciting to have the first UL Verified claim in the fire protection industry,” said Derek Sandahl, global product manager, engineered fire suppression systems at Johnson Controls. “The UL Verification Mark provides confidence to our customers in the stated acoustic performance of our Suppression System Acoustic Nozzle.”

The ANSUL Acoustic Nozzle directs agent into the hazard area and reduces the sound level compared with standard nozzles. Flow calculations are used to specify the nozzle orifice size for the correct quantity and distribution of agent. This game-changing product is UL Listed with INERGEN 150, 200, and 300-bar fire suppression systems and replaces the standard INERGEN nozzle without major pipe rework or hydraulic adjustments, making it an affordable solution for retrofits.