Answers to last Friday’s OSHA violation quiz

ANSWERS: The violations are given along with the regulation numbers that address them.

Workplace is a mess: 1910.22(a)(1)
Rats: 1910.141(a)(5)
LP forklift used in EE rated area (see sign): 1910.178(c)(2)(iv)
Propane tank lying on the floor: 1910.178(f)(2), 1910.110(f)(2)(i), 1910.110(f)(2)(ii)
Worker standing on the forks: 1910.178(m)(3)
Operator has dismounted the forklift without lowering the forks: 1910.178(m)(5)(iii)
Exit blocked: 1910.178(m)(14), 1910.37(a)(3)
Loose objects in the aisle: 1910.178(n)(14)
Transmission oil leak: 1910.178(p)(3), 1910.22(a)(2)
Propane leak: 1910.178(p)(4)
Headlight hanging down: 1910.178(h)(2), 1910.178(q)(1)
Extension cord on the floor: 1910.305(g)(1)(iii)(A), 1910.305(g)(2)(ii)

If you scored poorly on this quiz, you may want to revisit your knowledge of OSHA guidelines. MANCOMM and its partner company, American Safety Training, Inc., work together to develop and provide OSHA compliance safety products and training for both general industry and the construction industry. MANCOMM has produced a Forklift Video Training System and also publishes OSHA and Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations.

For TFM’s OSHA coverage, see “OSHA Compliance Made Easier” by John P. Kelly of BOMA International.