Facility Executive: April 2022 Issue

The April 2022 issue focuses on the supply chain crisis, indoor air quality, water conservation, and lighting. Plus, our 2022 Readers’ Choice Awards.

Facility Executive April 2022 Issue (Volume 35, Number 2)

Editor’s Letter: Do You See Opportunities All Around?

Anne Cosgrove June 2021 Issue

Facilities professionals are able to juggle multiple tasks—across seemingly disparate tasks to the outside observer. Energy management, security planning, health and wellness, and resource conservation—to name a few—are cornerstones for you and your teams who keep buildings and sites operating every day. Through experience, education, and innate talent, successful facility managers navigate a variety of challenges and opportunities to provide places for productivity to thrive.

In this issue, there are articles to assist in your team’s daily and long-term successes. The lighting stories showcased on the cover discuss long-term opportunities with LEDs, and a lighting retrofit project that is part of a school district’s ongoing energy improvement. Water conservation concerns are not going away: you’ll find insights on saving water across outdoor landscapes, as well as in restrooms.

Inside facilities, flooring is ubiquitous. The article in this issue describes how working with your flooring contractor will open up opportunities for safety and productivity.

Technology is now ubiquitous for facility managers, providing opportunity for those able to identify how adopting new tools and processes will improve their long-term outcomes. Read this issue’s Tech And FM column on supply chain digitization, along with observations on the latest in surveillance cameras and data center trends and see if these developments are on your opportunity horizon.



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April 2022 Issue: Contents

April 2022 IssueTech And FM: The Supply Chain Crisis And FM Strategies | As long-held practices are challenged, digitizing supplies and parts acquisition presents opportunity.

The HVAC Factor: Achieving Sustainable IAQ In Facilities | Deliver healthier indoor air with an eye on energy efficiency.

Five Ways To Conserve Water For Landscapes | Take a look around facility grounds to identify water efficiency strategies. Plus, restrooms offer conservation opportunities.

Get Ready For LEDs 2.0 | As the first generation of LED fixtures come due for replacement, facilities can boost the benefits.

Long View On Lighting Retrofits | Missouri school district works with energy solutions provider across two decades for improved learning environment and energy profile.

2022 Readers’ Choice Awards | This annual recognition from Facility Executive is based on interest shown by readers over the previous year.

Healthier Indoor Air Through O&M | Evaluation of existing HVAC equipment and its operation goes a long way toward improving IAQ.

Flexible Focus Shapes New School | In central Ohio, the alma mater of legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus planned its new high school for the way of the future.

Trends In Surveillance Cameras | Here’s a look at capabilities and considerations for this security equipment.

Three Data Center Predictions For 2022 | Uptime Institute Intelligence highlighted leading trends impacting facility management.

What Role Does Flooring Play In Your Facilities? | Inviting a professional flooring contractor to evaluate how a facility is used daily helps to identify ideal flooring products.

Focus On: Facility Management Software | Fire Systems & Equipment | Exterior Cladding

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