Facility Executive: April 2023 Issue

The April 2023 issue focuses on the latest trends in interior and exterior commercial lighting, water conservation, flooring, building envelope restoration and repair, and more.

Facility Executive April 2023 Issue (Volume 36, Number 2)

Editor’s Letter: Energy Management And Business Continuity

Jennifer GoetzThe call to step away from fossil fuels and move in the direction of cleaner energy is growing. As such, solutions are available to monitor and effectively manage energy usage. One of the “low hanging fruits” of energy-saving improvements for facilities is sustainable lighting. From LED systems coupled with daylight harvesting to ambient lighting, facility executives have a variety of options to choose from when it comes to swapping out incandescent and fluorescent lights. Trends in lighting, both for indoor and outdoor spaces, indicate that there’s a greater focus on keeping spaces healthy and comfortable for people and the planet.

In addition, this issue focuses on sustainable flooring in educational facilities, overcoming maintenance and repair talent shortages, common questions about ADA compliance, and more.

Naturally, the urgent calls for cleaner energy come at a time of increased economic instability. See how CRE and IFM teams can navigate industry headwinds and ensure business continuity.

Speaking of business continuity, this month, the 21st annual Continuity Insights Management Conference will be taking place from April 24 – April 26 at the Hyatt Regency in Minneapolis, MN. This conference provides a timely and important opportunity to share best practices, lessons learned, and effective strategies employed to ensure organizational resilience.

Taking opportunities to learn as much as you can will ensure your facility operations are running smoothly—and will continue to do so moving forward.

Jennifer Goetz




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April 2023 Issue: Features

April 2023 Issue
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Tech And FM: Video As A Proactive Tool | Broad application of artificial intelligence in camera-based security is elevating its effectiveness.

The HVAC Factor: 4 Keys To Starting An Apprenticeship Program | By creating effective HVACR training programs, companies can strengthen their workforce.

Overcoming Maintenance And Repair Talent Shortages | See how field service management (FSM) software can help mitigate these issues.

Finding The (Right) Light | Elevate interior spaces with some of the latest innovations in lighting.

Protecting The Night For People And The Environment | Excessive and poorly controlled outdoor lighting can have detrimental effects on plants and animals, as well as people.

How Large Buildings Can Fuel The EV Revolution | It’s important to maximize electricity produced from renewable sources.

How This Elementary School Improved Its IAQ | Panther Valley Elementary School in Nesquehoning, PA improved its IAQ to create a better environment for students and staff.

A Critical Tool For Water Conservation | Unlock the benefits of on-site non-potable water reuse.

The Fantastic Floor In Education Facilities | Education facilities can economically achieve durable, sustainable, and easy-to-maintain flooring.

Restoring The Building Envelope | Reglazing could be a viable alternative to total facade renovation.

Period Products Instead Of Ping-Pong? | How offering free period products can support a healthy and equitable workplace experience.

The Changing Environment For Corporate Real Estate | CRE and IRM teams must be creative and agile to combat current headwinds.

ADA Compliance Questions And Answers | Facility executives can reference these common ADA questions to ensure their buildings are compliant.

Focus On: Roofing | Fire Systems And Equipment | Landscape Management


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