Aquicore Launches “Automatic Diagnostics”, a New Learning Tool

Aquicore’s newest machine learning feature automatically identifies and alerts building engineers and property managers of potential building operations problems and their estimated financial impact

Aquicore, a leading commercial real estate software company with an all-in-one operations platform, announced the release of “Automatic Diagnostics,” a new machine learning tool heralding the next generation of fault detection diagnostics available through its comprehensive building performance optimization platform. Built from decades of crowdsourced knowledge consisting of the most important issues and optimizations buildings of all sizes run across, the intuitive platform accurately identifies potential problems in buildings’ operation systems that would normally go unnoticed. Automatic Diagnostics presents potential issues in a meaningful way such that time-crunched building engineers and property managers can take action, resulting in lower operational costs, increased energy efficiency and a boost in overall asset value and performance across a portfolio.

automatic diagnosisFully integrated with Aquicore’s cloud-based, IoT-driven platform, Automatic Diagnostics is Aquicore’s machine-learning feature that detects usage anomalies from a building’s energy curve and alerts the appropriate building staff in real time. For building engineers, the tool identifies possible issues that could impact building operations, such as late shutdowns or equipment cycling overnight, which are often overlooked without quarterly or weekly human-intensive energy reviews. Once a problem is accurately identified, Automatic Diagnostics calculates the potential costs associated with the problem and sends a financial impact report to property managers and owners enabling them to make faster, more informed decisions.

Key benefits of Automatic Diagnostics include:

  • Actionable Data – Aquicore’s new machine learning capability monitors, identifies and flags building equipment issues in real time. Users are encouraged to review and take action on diagnostic findings to better train the machine learning model for future occurrences. If, by chance, a diagnostic is not accurate, a user can reclassify the anomaly for future diagnostics.
  • Enhanced Activity Feed – The new interface enables users to view context, review and approve anomalies and respond to internal messages in one central location. Within the activity feed, users can set up alerts associated with detected anomalies and classify various levels of concern for each building.
  • Real-Time Reporting – Automatic diagnostics and potential savings reports can be instantly viewed or exported to Excel directly from Aquicore’s platform. Both the activity feed and diagnostic reports are accessible via Aquicore’s online platform and through the mobile app.

“The industry has been yearning for more intuitive tools that save time and don’t require data expertise to help them better manage and operate their buildings efficiently,” said Mike Donovan, senior vice president of product at Aquicore. “Aquicore has been, and always will be, an industry leader in developing new features to seamlessly monitor, analyze and improve operational performance for all types of buildings.”

NOTE: Aquicore’s Automatic Diagnostics technology is currently patent-pending.