Flirt Reconfigurable Meeting Solutions

Arcadia's collection of chairs, tables, easels, and dividers provide options for collaboration and flexibility

Flirt™ is a comprehensive collection of meeting solutions created by Arcadia Contract in partnership with 5D Studio. This furniture can turn any setting into a gathering place with a mix of products that work together to cater to varying meeting styles, all of which can be setup, transported, and stored quickly.

meeting solutions
High-Back Lounge, Swivel Base with Occasional Table

Flirt can be used independently or grouped together to fulfill spatial or functional requirements. It is comprised of nesting guest and lounge chairs, nesting multipurpose tables, easels, and divider screens as well as fixed base models, such as occasional tables, for addressing more stationary meeting requirements.

Lounge seating is available in mid- and high-back styles and as nesting chairs. It offers a more casual sit, with generous, open-formed upholstery that further encourages sitting in multiple positions. All-purpose casters and flip-up seats enable configurability, movement, and storage for room changing transformations. The under-seat bookrack and flip-up rotating tablet are both optional and maintain the chair’s nesting capacity. Further expanding its range, a swivel base with self-return feature is also offered for applications such as lobby waiting areas and casual meeting spaces.

meeting solutions
Flirt Guest

Like its lounge counterpart, Flirt guest offers nesting capability, with or without the optional flip-up rotating tablet, but in a more diminutive footprint. At standard seated height, it can be used with any 29″ high table, or can be grouped together to create conversation hubs and team-building clusters. Guest chairs are also presented on glides or with a swivel-base option for various meeting solutions.

Flirt multi-purpose tables come in three heights, various top shapes, and veneer and post-formed laminate finish selections. Multiple edge details include a signature waterfall edge and two base mounting options cater to both aesthetic and functional preferences. These versatile tables can be set-up, transported, and stored using a single-lever release mechanism that flips tabletops up in one fluid motion. The interior column of the die-cast aluminum leg features a removable cover for vertical wire management while a wide array of through-the-surface electrical units offer power/data. Corner and end connecting tables, together with integrated modesty panels and ganging connectors add to the collection’s flexibility.

Multipurpose Nesting Tables with Guest Chairs

Complementing Flirt’s seating and table offerings is the M.A.T.E., Flirt’s Mobile All-Purpose Teaming Easels designed to help divide spaces while serving as presentation tools. These movable, multi-use easels can be specified in Maple, White Oak, or Walnut veneer as well as in laminate, whiteboard or upholstered as a tackable surface, in any combination.

M.A.T.E. stands 71″ high and is offered in two widths with a side-mount valet table and storage slot for dry-erase markers and/or remote controls. Powered, monitor-ready mounting options, as well as individual electrical units, provide portable media and digital access to stay connected. The Flirt collection also includes divider screens with many of the same material, leg, and mounting options as M.A.T.E. to further delineate space.

Rounding out the series of meeting solutions are occasional tables with a modern, clean design. Tables are offered in round and arc square shapes at a 15″ height in various sizes and are available in four surface options—veneer, laminate, Corian®, and back-painted glass (that doubles as a writable surface). Through-the-surface electrical and data capabilities are designed into the base, discreetly facilitating wire management. Meeting tables with fixed pedestal bases in the collection provide a more traditional choice for casual meeting spaces but with shape, height (26″, 29″, and 42″), surface, and power/data options to choose from.