Arch Amenities Group Introduces Wage Insights

Wage Insights is a digital tool that provides salary and wage benchmarking data for hotels and wellness centers.

Arch Amenities Group announced the launch of its proprietary survey and salary benchmarking tool, Wage Insights.

Wage Insights obtains and leverages data across the hospitality and wellness sectors to enable hotels and wellness centers to better formulate their employee compensation and growth strategies.

Wage Insights surveys are conducted, certified, and interpreted by secure, third-party partners to capture and collate national, regional, and state-level data from across the hospitality and wellness industries. All subscribers, from C-suite leaders to general managers, can select from several tiers of subscription-based continual reports or choose individual reports via one-time downloads.

Wage Insights reports include comprehensive visual tools to support the budgeting and forecasting process. Reports are generated as spreadsheets and data fields in PDF format, providing wage benchmarking information specific to job type, category, and location.

Arch Amenities Group, based in Rockville, MD, is a leading provider of amenity management, hospitality consulting, and recruiting services for commercial and residential properties, hotels, spas, private clubs, and pools. Arch provides preopening and sustaining strategy and support for leading wellness and amenity spaces in the United States and across the globe. Arch is a portfolio company of private equity firm CI Capital Partners.

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