Area Lights with Embedded Camera

Kenall Manufacturing’s SenScape™ SA Series is sleek and discreet for added safety and security

The SenScape SA Series from Kenall Manufacturing is a line of area lights with embedded camera controls in a streamlined, but rugged, housing. This allows medical, business and educational campuses, public parks, parking lots, and other area lighting applications to inconspicuously add an extra element of safety and security for both people and property.lights with embedded camera

The SenScape SA Series is controlled by TekLink™ TL2000AS, Kenall’s ever-evolving cloud-based controls platform, which utilizes a high-speed network. When paired with a camera embedded into the SenScape Area series of fixtures, it provides standard lighting control functions, plus new capabilities such as wireless image and video capture, and remote live streaming.

The combination of luminaires with nearly undetectable cameras creates a wide range of possibilities for Kenall customers.

lights with embedded camera“Our in-house engineers can provide web, mobile, and embedded development, as well as integration to third-party systems. Customers can call and describe their project parameters, and we can customize a solution that is unique to their application,” said Joe Welch, TekLink’s Product Manager.

Four primary light distributions (Type 2, 3, 4, and 5S) provide illumination flexibility and are created using a combination of lenses and shields. A clear lens provides the best control of light and offers the greatest efficiency available. A textured lens promotes glare control and offers the most comfortable aesthetics. The House side shield has built-in optics that prevent the trespass of light.

Type 2 light distribution with House-Side Shield is used to provide long, narrow light patterns suitable for walking paths and smaller side streets. When placed to the side, Type 3 light distribution is intended to project outward and fill the area; a house-side shield option is available. Type 4 is a semicircular distribution that works well on the sides of buildings and walls suitable for parking lot and business perimeters; a house-side shield option is available. The square distribution of a Type 5S fills space evenly and removes the dark areas found diagonally between ordinary type 5 (non-square) fixtures. It is used in the center of campus lots and parking islands and other large spaces where the light pattern needs a more defined edge.

The SenScape SA series comes in 18″ and 26″ sizes; deliver 1,662 lumens to 43,347 lumens; and feature three mounting types: post top, pole mount, and wall mount. All lights with embedded camera are engineered and built from the ground up. Together, with the SenScape SPG18 parking garage luminaires, they are a true family that creates a streamlined, cohesive look, connecting architecture to the environment.


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