Friday Funny: Arise, Armchair Quarterbacks!

Most football fans have plenty of expert advice they are just dying to share with the professional players on the field. They’re convinced if it were them out there calling that play, throwing that ball, or blocking that pass things would have gone much differently for their favorite NFL team.

NFL Experience Times SquareSoon, those armchair quarterbacks will have a chance to prove it. Opening this November in New York City’s Times Square, the NFL Experience Times Square will offer fans a chance to step into the shoes of a pro football player using a 4D cinematic experience. Featuring physical challenges, augmented reality, and various immersive elements to give fans the ability to step into the huddle, the NFL Experience Times Square was created by Cirque du Soleil in partnership with the National Football League.

NFL Experience Times Square“NFL Experience Times Square is the next level of entertainment for new and life-long football fans alike,” says Danny Boockvar, President of NFL Experience Times Square. “This must-see attraction will allow residents and tourists to experience the game like never before.”

Located on 44th Street at 7th Avenue, NFL Experience Times Square kicks off with a Wall of Fame featuring personalized messages from football legends and the rich history of America’s game through videos shown on jumbotrons. Fans can test their favorite team knowledge with more than 20 interactive touchscreen stations representing all 32 NFL teams before they make their way to the 4D theater for Gameday.

NFL Experience Times SquareVisitors will then experience an immersive film with exclusive content from NFL Films. The 185-seat theater is designed to evoke the feeling of being in a packed football stadium with wall-to-wall high-tech screens, cutting-edge motion seats, and temperature controlled elements.

The real fun begins as visitors begin their football journey from kickoff through playoffs, and ultimately, the Super Bowl. After entering a locker room to the sound of cheers and real speeches from coaches, visitors move through a training facility to prepare for the upcoming game. Designed to replicate an authentic team workout facility, fans can measure up to the pros with a series of interactive challenges including a vertical leap test and blocking obstacles.NFL Experience Times Square

After suiting up as part of their favorite team, fans will be given one-on-one instruction from a hologram of a legendary coach. Just like pro quarterbacks, they’ll prepare for their upcoming opponent by learning a new play in a space that replicates a coach’s classroom, complete with a large digital whiteboard that comes to life with Xs and Os.

NFL Experience Times Square
(Photos: CNW Group/Cirque du Soleil Canada inc.)

Finally, fans are ready to enter the biggest game: The Super Bowl. They’ll test their skills by throwing a real football to their favorite receiver and feel the thrill of a Super Bowl victory—including the post-game celebration— by completing the game-winning pass. The Quarterback Challenge tracks the football’s speed, accuracy, and completion percentage and compares it against fans’ favorite world-class quarterbacks. They’ll even have a chance to celebrate the big win by doing their own “Touchdown Dance,” which could be televised in Times Square.

Can’t wait to play? Check out the official video.