AromaQuest Continuous Fragrance Microdiffusers

An innovative system that can continuously maintain fragrance in any type of space in buildings and businesses

Continuous Fragrance Microdiffusers™ from AromaQuest® Systems help maintain consistency in fragrance in large as well as in small spaces, such as restrooms, public areas, hallways, building entrances, and lobbies. They continuously and uninterruptedly release fragrances through Continuous Microdifusion technology, allowing the perfume to go directly into the air.fragrance

Most fragrances are unable to stay constant or intense, and fail to reach all corners of rooms. The Continuous Fragrance Microdiffusers system is a deodorization technology that ensures atomization of pure fragrances in light and small particles that can quickly spread in the air and reach all corners of room. A miniscule air generator inside of the microdiffuser injects compressed air into the fragrance bottle. The fragrance is specially designed for this application and meets density, viscosity, and evaporation rate requirements. Compressed air absorbs the odor molecules from the perfume, and then it is passed through a special nozzle that reduces the size of the molecules for the microdiffusion to take place.

The aroma stays in the air with constant intensity at all times and can be wall-mounted or installed in HVAC ducts. The system can work in any type of facility or establishment, including hotels, restaurants, office buildings, country clubs, malls, airports, universities, spas, and museums.

Continuous Fragrance Microdiffuser equipment is fully programmable. Users can set the days of the week and times of operation as well as fragrance intensity: soft, medium, or intense. The six floral scents include Fancy (notes of rose, vanilla, and gardenia), Relax (blend of floral and citrus notes), and Spell (fusion of jasmine and herbal notes); the two citrus fragrances are Twist (citrus and chamomile) and Zest (blend of citrus orange, verbena, and bergamot); and the four fruity scents include Blush (notes of plums, cherries, and vanilla) and Sandal (blend of exotic woods and bourbon).

The sophisticated notes can make any space fragrant and do not leave aerosol propellants or any other needless chemicals in the air. The scents are made with natural hypoallergenic ingredients and manufactured in accordance with International Fragrance Association (IFRA) standards. They are non-flammable and contain low levels of VOCs to meet U.S. EPA and California Air Resources Board (CARB) requirements.

The Continuous Fragrance Microdiffuser systems will be introduced to the public at the ISSA-Interclean trade show in Las Vegas, September 11-14, 2017.fragrance