ASI Hardwood Flooring Collections

Brighton, Essex, Newcastle, Norwich, Palace, and Sheffield meet most design and project requirements

An grouping of six hardwood flooring collections—Brighton, Essex, Newcastle, Norwich, Palace, and Sheffield—from ASI | Architectural Systems, Inc., was inspired by the English countryside, balancing tradition and modernity with a complete selection of species, thicknesses, finishes, colorations, and patterns to meet design and project requirements. All are GREENGUARD Gold Certified and Carb II and Lacey Act compliant. Installation can be nail-down, staple, glue-down, or float.

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Brighton Hardwoods

“For everlasting design, hardwood flooring will always engage a natural sensibility and capture warmth in a space. These recently launched collections speak to a classic craftsmanship combined with state of the art technology to deliver the aesthetic and performance the market is looking for,” states Nancy Jackson, Chief Creative Officer of ASI | Architectural Systems.

Essex Hardwoods
Essex Hardwoods

Brighton Hardwoods has a multi layering staining process in 8″ wide planks of white oak with a wire brush texture. Available in six warm color choices, it is 5/8″ thick, comes in lengths from 17″ to 82½”, and is engineered with a beveled edge, 3.5mm wear layer.

Newcastle Hardwoods
Newcastle Hardwoods

Essex Hardwoods are refined white oak planks with a wire brushed surface, authentic knots, and mineral streaks that capture the effect of Essex Hardwoods. Engineered with a micro-beveled edge, 2mm wear layer, it comes in six natural wood grain shades from light to dark, is ½” thick, 7″ wide, and 15.75″ to 70.87″ long.

Newcastle Hardwoods have metallic powders infused through the staining process to deliver five iridescent 8″ wide engineered white oak planks painted and wire brushed in a cool neutral palette. Engineered with a beveled edge, 5mm wear layer, it is ¾” thick in lengths from 17″ to 82½”.

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Norwich Hardwoods

Norwich Hardwoods reflects the combination of artisanal know how with present day technology and an oxidation process that mimics the look of trees when exposed to the elements in 3″, 5″ and 7″ white oak planks.

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Palace Hardwoods

Palace Hardwoods evoke old world charm with a dynamic offering of staggered planks that could be arranged into classic herringbone, basket weave, or even simple patterning in a mix of rich hues in 8½” planks (6″ for Herringbone, which is glue-down only). Engineered with a micro-beveled edge, 3mm wear layer, it is ½” thick and comes in lengths from 24″ to 72″ (Herringbone: 24″).

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Sheffield Hardwoods

Sheffield Hardwoods is Made in the USA and offers extra long engineered maple planks with a painted and distressed textured finish in five cool and warm colorations. The Cradle To Cradle Certified 5″ wide Maple species planks are ½” thick, come in 16″ to 96″ lengths, and are engineered with a micro-beveled edge, 2mm wear layer.