ASSA ABLOY & Cansec Expand Access Control Network

Technological compatibility between ASSA ABLOY Aperio™ Wireless Technology and Cansec MAP1-based access control systems allows facilities to meet goals for security and operational efficiency.

ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions, a global leader in access solutions, completed the integration of their Aperio™ wireless lock technology with MAP1-based access control systems from Cansec Systems LTD. As access control and security system integration becomes increasingly important—listed as “very important” by 67% of security professionals in a 2018 study—this compatibility allow facilities to meet goals for security and operational efficiency, allowing users to expand their access control network.

access control network“From the outset, our plan was to integrate Aperio locks with the MAP1 so they would be fully supported on all current and future Cansec solutions,” said Fred Dawber, president of Cansec Systems, Ltd. “ASSA ABLOY’s partnership and outstanding technical expertise contributed to the success of the project and our ability to deliver this much-desired integration to our customers.”

The Aperio integration offers Cansec customers an easy way to connect additional openings to their new and existing MAP1 installations. Aperio is a global wireless platform that works with extensive locking hardware options from ASSA ABLOY Group brands, offering the flexibility to address a variety of applications throughout any facility. The platform uses wireless communication (IEEE 802.15.4) between the lock and an Aperio hub to provide real-time communication to the access control system, simplifying installation and reducing costs.

The MAP1 is a modular access panel that serves as a building block for Cloud Lock, First Access, or Webster access control solutions. Designed to support the changing needs of customers, this panel allows for migration from the Webster embedded web server solution, which supports 5,000 users and four readers, to Cloud Lock™ access control as a service or First Access client-server software, which can support up to 100,000 users and 1,024 readers.

“Cansec consistently demonstrates a firm commitment to providing innovative solutions that are simple to install, use, and support, as well as affordable. This complements ASSA ABLOY’s approach with our Aperio technology,” stated Peter Boriskin, Chief Technology Officer, ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions Americas. “The result of this integration is a flexible and scalable solution that opens new opportunities for customers of all sizes to expand their access control network.”