ASSA ABLOY Interactive Egress Calculator

A new digital tool makes it easier to determine code compliant doors and hardware for various spaces

The ASSA ABLOY Egress Calculator from ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions is an interactive tool that helps select the proper code compliant doors and hardware for various openings based on individual states’ adopted version of the International Building Codes®.egress calculator

Originally developed as a Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet for customers, a more interactive tool to make the tedious process of finding code compliant hardware requirements simpler seemed like a natural evolution. Architects, designers, contractors, life safety personnel, and others can access this tool via desktop, tablet, and smartphone, whether they are at a project job site or in the office.

The Egress Calculator determines the occupant load of a room or space, the minimum opening clearance needed for exit and exit access doorways, and the required swing direction of doors. It can also provide references to the minimum hardware requirements for side-hinged and pivoted swinging doors, and fire and/or smoke rated doors based on the exceptions for each occupancy type.

Building codes and standards have been around for centuries to protect the health, welfare, and safety of inhabitants. The adoption and enforcement of these codes falls to state and local governments, thus creating one of the biggest challenges for architects, designers, and contractors: staying knowledgeable about codes as they change over time and between location of projects. ASSA ABLOY’s Egress Calculator helps industry professionals stay apprised of the codes and standards in the palm of their hand, though it does not replace the need for them having their own copy of the code.

“ASSA ABLOY has always been committed to not only providing customers with the best possible solutions, but also with tools and training that educate them on how to make strategic decisions about their facilities’ openings and access control,” said Katie Flower, AOC, CSI, CDT, Training Specialist at ASSA ABLOY Academy. “We’re excited to offer customers the ASSA ABLOY Egress Calculator as another resource in our suite of digital tools and trainings, which are all available for free.”

ASSA ABLOY recommends attending their upcoming Egress Calculator training session on October 1 to understand how to best utilize the tool.


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