ASSA ABLOY Mortise Lock Status Indicators

Now with a larger window, reflective coating, and features for better security and privacy

ASSA ABLOY Group brands Corbin Russwin and SARGENT released a new status indicator for, respectively, the ML2000 Series and 8200 Series mortise locks. Featuring the largest viewing window available on the market, a reflective coating for improved clarity in low light conditions, and a patent-pending curved design, these mortise lock status indicators combine emergency preparedness and enhanced privacy to meet the needs of almost any type of facility.

Mortise Lock Status Indicators
Sargent 8200 Series

“Schools, offices and all types of commercial spaces need to prioritize safety and create inclusive environments,” says Bill Grambo, President, Access and Egress Hardware Group, ASSA ABLOY. “Our mortise lock status indicators make it easier to see if a door is locked from a distance and at almost any angle, thereby avoiding awkward disturbances or interruptions and enabling a more secure and private experience in a given space.”

With its viewing window 25% larger than other indicators on the market and a reflective coating, it’s easier to see the lock status on these indicators, even in low-light conditions. Because of the curved design, it’s also possible to view the lock status from any angle. Available in both sectional and escutcheon trim, these mortise lock status indicators help users secure an opening and determine more quickly when that opening is locked.

ASSA ABLOY’s mortise lock status indicator also offers the option to include engraving on the lock escutcheon or sectional plate to visually confirm the direction to turn the key or thumb turn to lock or unlock the door.

Mortise Lock Status Indicators
Corbin Russwin ML2000 Series

By clearly displaying the status of an opening, ASSA ABLOY’s latest mortise lock status indicators prevent interruptions when a person attempts to open a locked door.

Quickly seeing that a room is occupied can avoid awkward moments in restrooms in public facilities. These indicators can also prevent classroom interruptions, maintain a secure and quiet environment in rooms for nursing mothers, and keep a space distraction-free for office meetings or employee meditation. The result is an inclusive environment where end users can focus and enjoy a more peaceful experience.

For facilities with existing ML2000 or 8200 series mortise locks, an upgrade kit is available with either escutcheon or sectional trim to secure to the lock body. The upgrade kit uses the existing door preparation and leaves no holes.