Asset Tagging Added To Motili App

The Motili app is free and available to all HVAC contractors in the network, enabling them to accept jobs, process work orders, and get paid

Motili, a property and HVAC technology company, announced an updated version of its mobile app, which now includes the Asset Tagging Wizard. The Asset Tagging Wizard walks contractors through Motili’s HVAC and hot water asset tagging process. The Motili mobile app gives contractors the ability to comprehensively catalog all HVAC and hot water assets at single-family, multi-family, and commercial properties. It facilitates data gathering for Motili’s Mobile Asset Condition Index (MACI) reporting.asset tagging

The updates to the Asset Tagging Wizard provide Motili’s HVAC contractors with step-by-step instructions on how to tag HVAC and hot water assets at a property, saving contractors time and reducing manual data entry errors. The Motili app now also uses optical character recognition (OCR) to identify characters on HVAC assets and imports them into the app, reducing the time required to enter HVAC and hot water asset information.

Motili’s technology platform helps property owners and operators manage HVAC and hot water building systems through technology-driven, proactive, and reactive repair and replacement projects. The app is available for free to all HVAC contractors in the Motili network and provides everything necessary to get the job done on-site—directions to the job site, the ability to take and upload photos, and quoting for repairs and replacements, etc. The platform also provides detailed status and reporting on work.

“Motili’s new, updated mobile app with the Asset Tagging Wizard provides contractors with the ability to more easily and quickly complete work orders and SLAs for Motili’s customers,” said Karl Pomeroy, GM and President, Motili. “We look forward to seeing how the new wizard enables the time savings to accrue and how that will translate to hours and dollars saved.”