Atkore Prefabricated Device Assembly

ACS/Uni-Fab™ “job-in-a-box” can reduce electrical installation time by 60% vs. non-modular wiring

How long does it take to install wiring in a typical hotel room? A new demonstration showed it’s possible to complete the task in about an hour—dramatically faster than usual—with a “job-in-a-box” prefabricated device assembly from Atkore™.Prefabricated Device Assembly

In the demonstration, installing an electrical system in a typical hotel room took less than half the time with Atkore’s ACS/Uni-Fab™ wiring solution compared to conventional non-modular wiring. Specifically, installation with ACS/Uni-Fab was achieved in 60% less time (63 minutes, 32 seconds versus 145 minutes, 20 seconds, respectively).

Traditional wiring system installations require manual placement of multiple pieces of equipment—usually six duplex receptacles, one GFCI receptacle, two switches, and multiple deep boxes and plastic rings.

“Results from this real-world demonstration showed that our ‘job-in-a-box’ prefabricated device assembly translates into fewer installation hours and less time needed on the job site for others involved, including project managers and general contractors,” said Mike Vertente, Atkore’s VP/GM of Pre-wired & Modular Devices. “This wiring solution improves efficiency and cuts costs without compromising integrity of the electrical system.”

While the ACS/Uni-Fab prefabricated modular wiring system is suitable for repetitive installations typical in hotels, dormitories, apartments/condominiums, assisted living, and facilities with similar layouts, it’s also an option for many other jobs.

Developed by an electrical contractor, the system offers benefits to a range of electrical contractors with and without prefabrication capabilities and resources. The prefabricated assemblies include brackets that accommodate multiple setups. Assemblies also can be built to contractors’ exact specifications.

Assembled in the U.S. from domestic and imported components, the ACS/Uni-Fab prefabricated modular wiring system is made in accordance with UL standards and installed per NEC® best wiring practices. All assemblies are UL listed – QQYZ, providing the opportunity to reduce the time required for electrical inspection.


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