ATL Aqui-fer & Aqua-Flex Potable Water Bladder Tanks

Lightweight and Portable NSF/ANSI-61 Compliant Drinking-Water Dispensers

The Aqui-fer™ and Aqua-Flex® from Aero Tec Laboratories (ATL) are potable water bladder tanks. They are solutions for quick and easy potable drinking water dispensing in virtually any location or situation. Both configurations are simple to set-up and to operate.

Aero-Tec-Laboratories-Aqui-FerThe ATL Aqui-fer features a space-saving “locker” style design that significantly reduces its overall footprint. The economical ATL Aqua-Flex has a more conventional shape that resembles a pillow. Both meet or exceed Title 61 of the National Sanitary Foundation (NSF-61) as well as defense specs MIL-T-53029 and ATPD-2265.

Unlike traditional “rigid” tanks, Aqui-fer and Aqua-Flex bladder tanks are constructed of a lightweight yet super-tough ballistic nylon-reinforced rubber. Their composite flanges have sanitary brass and stainless steel hardware. The potable water bladder tanks are fully collapsible, meaning they can be “rolled-up” or folded when empty for compact storage and simple transport from one site to the next.

Potable Water Bladder TanksAqua-Flex comes in 25 gallon (36” x 30”) to 500 gallon (89” x 100”) capacities while Aqua-fer comes in 50 gallon (30” x 30”) to 500 gallon (70” x 66”) sizes. The 500 gallon versions are not for transport but for stationary applications only.

Aqui-fer and Aqua-Flex bladder tanks are equipped with NSF-61 compliant hardware, which includes a 1½ ” diameter fill neck assembly and a 1” brass ball-valve outlet with a 1/4 turn shut-off and safety lock. The ball-valve outlet is equipped with a composite hose barb fitting. A 6’ long, clear, nylon reinforced FDA water hose with clamp comes with each bladder; longer hoses are available. A double-sided hose barb with end cap is also provided. A rubberized fabric ATL underliner lays flat underneath the bladder tank to protect it from abrasive surfaces.

Aqui-fer and Aqua-Flex are offered with a variety of accessory items. These include a secure tie-down system for use within moving-vehicles, a mesh tote-bag for even simpler storage and transport, and a “sunshield” which protects against UV rays.

To fill the Aqui-fer and Aqua-Flex potable water bladder tanks users place the empty tank and underliner in the desired location, remove the cam-lock safety cap (includes lanyard), and fill with pure drinking water from a spigot or hose.