AtlasIED Clean Room Speaker Cover

Designed for hidden speakers, these rubber covers prevent dust and other particles from passing into clean environments while maintaining coverage of paging, announcements, and notifications.

AtlasIED, a global electronics manufacturer providing comprehensive audio, communications, and security solutions for commercial markets, introduced the SHS Clean Room Speaker Cover. This accessory is designed to help hospitals, medical and pharmaceutical facilities, manufacturing, and other establishments minimize the spread of dust and other particles that can pass into the air through speaker grills.speaker cover

The SHS-CVR clean room speaker cover installs over the opening of the SHS-6T2 strategically hidden speaker to create a barrier between the building plenum, where particles exist, and the room environment. The SHS-CVR can be ordered as a separate accessory or included with the SHS-6T2 strategically hidden speaker as a kit (SHS-6T2CVR).

The SHS-6T2CVR is a self-contained unit that includes a loudspeaker, enclosure, and adjustable tile rails. Visually, only a 3″ diameter lens and a micro trim ring are visible on the front of the ceiling. All the installation parts are built into the enclosure, including the tile rails, which require no rail screws for installation. Once the four rails are pulled out from the enclosure, an installer only needs to drill a 3″ hole into the ceiling tile, set the product through the hole, and snap on the adaptive dispersion lens. The SHS can be deployed in paging, background music, or sound masking applications in a variety of installation types.

speaker coverThe durable rubber SHS-CVR speaker cover offers a solution for any environment where clean air quality is of paramount importance, such as dust-sensitive manufacturing and testing facilities with “clean room type” requirements. The covered SHS speaker can be calibrated so that announcements and paging maintain a high level of clarity and coverage. It ships with the ability to utilize the Adaptive Dispersion Lens in three different configurations for various applications.

  1. Sound masking installations and installations with low ceilings (less than 10′) should use the 4mm dispersion lens with solid panel attached.
  2. Installations with ceilings between 10′ and 14′ should use the 8mm dispersion lens with the solid panel attached.
  3. Installations with ceiling heights above 14′ or in applications that require maximum intelligibility, the 4mm direct fire lens should be used with the perforated panel attached.

“We designed the cleanroom speaker cover to help hospitals, medical and pharmaceutical facilities, manufacturing, and other facilities provide intelligible notifications to spaces where ensuring clean indoor air quality is necessary,” says AtlasIED President, John Ivey. “The SHS-CVR and SHS-6T2CVR offer dealers the added benefit of being easy to install and visually unobtrusive.”