AT&T and Synchronoss Simplify Building Management

New IoT solution will help businesses optimize energy consumption and improve building efficiencies.

AT&T and Synchronoss are teaming up to add a new Energy and Building Management offering to AT&T’s smart cities and professional services portfolio. Business owners that now struggle with disconnected systems and various platforms to manage their energy costs will be able to reliably manage their building operations from nearly anywhere, anytime with a single cloud-based solution.

Building ManagementAT&T will use the Synchronoss Digital Smart Building platform to power the new Energy and Building Management service. Using IoT sensor data and building management systems, business owners can proactively monitor, manage and maintain their building’s energy use. Think heating and air conditioning, lighting, maintenance, security and more.

Mobile technology is permeating all areas of our lives. And now, IoT solutions are helping businesses streamline and optimize their business operations. In fact, 80% of companies that adopt IoT report business efficiency improvements.¹

“With the influx of technology, businesses need a simple, easy-to-use solution to manage disparate systems,” said Chris Penrose, President, Internet of Things Solutions, AT&T Business. “With AT&T, companies can now easily transition from scheduled and reactive maintenance to a proactive response with predictive maintenance and alerts. This doesn’t just save them money, but can also help alleviate stress by reducing their workload.”

Using near real-time data, AT&T’s Energy and Building Management solution will be powered by Synchronoss’ diagnostic and analytics capabilities. Customers can use the solution to analyze a single building, or seamlessly link and analyze multiple buildings within the same company or a city, to create an intelligent network of buildings. Through a dashboard, a facility manager can review the building’s energy consumption. They can then use that data to remotely make near real-time changes to the building and its settings. This helps to optimize energy efficiencies and drive cost savings.

“We are committed to helping businesses across all sectors harness their big data analytics to form actionable insights, and are thrilled to be able to achieve this with AT&T,” said Glenn Lurie, president and CEO, Synchronoss. “The Synchronoss platform can play a key role connecting into a wider smart cities ecosystem supporting sustainability, while delivering IoT-based data and solutions for cities to make decisions and solve problems. Our platform will help AT&T and its customers create and monetize new and innovative IoT services in the very near future.”

Key features include:

  • A Single-Pane-of-Glass Dashboard: Combines disparate systems to create a unified view of all energy and building systems.
  • Predictive Fault Detection: Automatically flags likely inefficiencies through persistent, systems-based diagnostics.
  • Near Real-Time Alerts: Notifies teams of irregular energy use and system failures to reduce energy waste.
  • Benchmarking and Reporting: Provides in-depth analysis of business energy patterns and performance.

Synchronoss offers cloud, messaging, digital and IoT products and platforms that help businesses manage devices, digital nodes and data in IoT environments. As a part of the AT&T Smart Cities Strategic Alliance, Synchronoss is helping to transform cities across the U.S.

Learn more about AT&T IoT professional services here.

¹ Source: Aruba, A Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company, 2017 Research Report: The Internet of Things: Today and Tomorrow