AttaBox Releases New Robust Mounting Flanges

The Polycarbonate Enclosures with robust mounting flanges are compatible with a wide range of commercial mounting hardware.

mounting flanges

AttaBox® Enclosures announced new, highly durable mounting flanges as an option versus traditional mounting feet.

These full flanges are available together with AttaBox polycarbonate enclosures or as an accessory kit. They are compatible with wide-ranging surfaces and can be used with other mounting hardware such as channel or pole mount kits.

An innovative, water-shedding design prevents water accumulation while also providing installation flexibility via a mounting cross that enables multiple screw positions. These attributes make AttaBox flanges ideal for diverse electrical, oil and gas, manufacturing, security, communications, and measuring and monitoring applications. Users can easily acquire the new flanges by ordering newly created standard enclosure catalog numbers including the flange, or as an accessory kit.

Polycarbonate Enclosures with Mounting Flanges are ideal for non-hazardous industrial and commercial applications where enclosures require robust mounting support. Available as a stand-alone accessory SKU or included with our Polycarbonate Enclosures, they are part of our SelectRight program of standard products available through our catalog.

The new AttaBox mounting flanges for polycarbonate enclosures are part of many other Heartland series product innovations including the panel management system, combination screw and hinged covers, non-metallic or stainless steel latches, DIN rail mounting boxes and kits, side panels, and weight distribution shelves.

AttaBox Enclosures, a Robroy Industries brand and manufacturer of high-performing non-metallic electrical and industrial enclosures, provides nearly seven decades of reliable service to diverse industries and leads the way in providing application-specific solutions for applications within continuously demanding environments.

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