Facility Executive: August 2022 Issue

The August 2022 issue focuses on cybersecurity and identity tech, workplace security and safety trends, obstruction lighting, roofing, and more.

Facility Executive August 2022 Issue (Volume 35, Number 4)

Editor’s Letter: Your Most Important Job

Jennifer GoetzFacility executives have a lot of their plates. You are responsible for creating a healthy work environment, ensuring all maintenance is taken care of so operations can run smoothly, investigating new solutions to boost productivity, and more. A facility manager is putting out fires left and right, making sure that building occupants are happy, comfortable, and well-taken care of.

Out of all your responsibilities—nothing is more important than keeping building occupants safe. In the past few months, armed intruders have gained access to schools, hospitals, malls, airports, and more. As a facility manager, you have to prepare for the worst and have a plan in place so that tragedy can be prevented. In our Trends pieces this month, we cover the seven major security trends, in addition to exploring what facility executives should consider while reevaluating their security measures in 2022.

Also, in this issue we cover how to mitigate the risk of CMMS systems from being compromised, fire and life considerations for construction projects, and important elements to consider when wiring your office space, allowing employees to charge their devices and stay connected.

As we grapple with major shifts—from how to boost security measures to the ever-changing landscape of the workplace in a post-pandemic world—we want to hear from you. Your stories, your triumphs, and what matters most to you. I look forward to hearing from you.

Jennifer Goetz




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August 2022 Issue: Contents

August 2022 Issue

Tech And FM: Staying Ahead Of Cybersecurity Risks | Facility managers need to mitigate the risk of their software, IoT devices, or operational tech from being compromised.

The HVAC Factor: Why The Refrigerant Matters | Refrigerants should be used strategically to help facility managers reduce energy costs..

Selecting Dependable Obstruction Lights | For a building’s safety and compliance, facility managers need to explore options for obstruction lighting.

7 Trends Driven By Security And Identity Technology | Digital transformation and modernization are reshaping the security and identity landscape.

Planning For Protection | A security expert discusses some of the most important security concerns for facility managers.

How To Make Hospitality Customer Service Shine | To stand out from the competition, hospitality managers need to go the extra mile to make sure guests feel valued.

How To Prevent Slips, Trips, And Falls | Knowing where accidents may happen is the first step to reduce these risks.

Tackling Ponding Water On The Roof | If not addressed, ponding water can do significant damage to your roof and building.

(Fire And life) Safety First | A closer look at the fire and life safety considerations for construction, alteration, and demolition projects.

Power Considerations For Changing Commercial Spaces | All different workplaces need to have convenient access to power sources.

The Top 8 Questions To Ask Your Elevator Service Company | See if your elevator service company is serious about safety.

Obtaining An Uninterruptible Power Supply | Electric contractors have new opportunities to support commercial and industrial buildings that rely on nonstop power.

Focus On: Bird Control & Pest Management | Doors & Locks | HVAC | Restrooms & Plumbing

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