Aurora’ FaceSentinel LR Facial Recognition Sensor

Expands the operating distance of the company’s facial recognition sensor technology

FaceSentinel LR from Aurora is a long-range sensor that extends the company’s near infrared capabilities to a wider range of distances. This makes it suitable for applications such as queue management, surveillance, and VIP identification. The specialist biometric imaging and illumination technology is designed to work with the latest versions of Aurora’s Deep Learning-based Facial Recognition engines

facial recognitionFaceSentinel LR uses high-speed global shutter technology and a high brightness near IR ceramic flash to deliver a series of HDR still frames to Aurora’s facial recognition engine. Dynamic image analysis provides for adjustment of the illumination to optimize the clarity of a subject’s face in the next frame, repeatable at up to 40fps.

Aurora Head of Sales and Marketing Gary James says FaceSentinel LR addresses the issues found in operating facial recognition with visible light CCTV images, a major stumbling block for accuracy in situations where the subject isn’t presenting their face directly to a camera.

“This problem has been overcome by integrating the specialist illumination and imaging components in one application-specific device,” James says. “The sensor is highly compact, with very low power consumption, despite its powerful output and processing ability. This extends the operational range of our IR face recognition capability fivefold, opening up many new applications such as queue monitoring and covert identification.”

The FaceSentinel Sensor can also be integrated with the Fastlane Glassgate 300 turnstile, operating in both token-free “Identification” Mode (1:n), which allows registered users access by looking at the sensor, and in “Verification” Mode (1:1), which adds a biometric layer to the functionality of any access control system. In Verification mode, FaceSentinel confirms the identity of a person holding a card or entering a PIN, before passing the details through to the access control system. Both authentication and verification happen in a second or less. Integrated Design Limited (IDL) is the designer and manufacturer of Fastlane Turnstiles and Door Detective anti-tailgating products.

FaceSentinel is a biometric access control authentication product powered by Deep Learning; the system uses AI and infrared light to achieve facial recognition speed, accuracy, and reliability. Deep Learning is a pioneering technique used to create a highly optimized Artificial Intelligence. It works by first creating a blank “brain”: an artificial neural network. This brain is then trained to recognize faces by presenting it with millions of face image examples, enabling it to become more experienced, faster, and more accurate at the facial recognition task than any human or existing technology could be.