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workforce development

April’s Free USGBC Course: Workforce Development

Each month in 2024, USGBC will offer free green building education courses. April's focus is on workforce development.
extreme weather interior design

The Built Environment: How Do Weather Events Impact Interior Design?

New research from the American Society of Interior Designers and Chemical Insights Research Institute explores the impacts of extreme weather on interior design.
TEC's Flexera 2K PSA Hybrid Adhesive

TEC Introduces Flexera 2K PSA Hybrid Adhesive

The Flexera 2K PSA Hybrid Adhesive combines the ease of a fast-track PSA installation method with the adhesion of epoxy adhesives.  
Vetrotech's CONTRAFLAM One Fire-Rated Glazing

Vetrotech Debuts CONTRAFLAM One Fire-Rated Glazing

CONTRAFLAM One is a fire-rated glazing solution that leverages more than 40 years of Vetrotech knowledge within interlayer technology. 
viral threats

Reduce Viral Threats With This Spring Cleaning Checklist

With illnesses like the flu and norovirus circulating, here are four tips and best practices to help prevent viral spread within your facilities.
Schöck's Isokorb Structural Thermal Break For Concrete Parapets

Schöck’s Isokorb Structural Thermal Break For Concrete Parapets

The Isokorb Structural Thermal Break for concrete parapets employs GFRP bars to reduce thermal conductivity while simplifying installation.
Hurricane Season

AccuWeather Forecasters Predict ‘Explosive’ Hurricane Season

AccuWeather’s meteorologists believe the 2024 hurricane season has the potential to break the all-time record of 30 named storms in one season.
Millboard's Sage Green Envello Shadow Line+ Siding

Millboard Adds Two Colors To Envello Shadow Line+ Siding

Millboard added two additional colors to its Envello Shadow Line+ siding, which provides a realistic painted natural wood look.
office spaces

Modernized Office Spaces Key To Enhancing Productivity, Hybrid Work

A new Cisco survey finds 81% of employers have already — or are planning to — redesign their workspaces within 24 months.
fleet management

Fleet Management: Tapping Into The Power Of AI

Info-Tech Research Group's recently published research explores the transformative power of AI in fleet management.
Interface Releases Open & Woven Carpet Tile Line

Interface Releases Open & Woven Carpet Tile Line

Interface's Open & Woven Carpet Tile lines are designed to provide an offering of high-quality products at an accessible price point.
workplace overdose

NSC Expands Efforts To Combat Workplace Overdoses 

Overdoses remain the leading cause of unintentional death in the U.S., and account for nearly 10% of all workplace fatalities. The National Safety Council is launching new initiatives to combat overdoses in the workplace.
Hytera US Debuts Push-To-Talk Over Cellular Platform

Hytera US Debuts Push-To-Talk Over Cellular Platform

Hytera's HORIZON is a Push-to-Talk Over Cellular (PoC) platform developed to provide a reliable nationwide voice and video calling service.
Prepare Your Facility For Spring

Four Steps To Prepare Your Facility For Spring

With spring 2024 expected to alternate between late snowfalls and severe weather events, your buildings must be well-prepared for a range of weather-related risks.
water features

How Water Features Promote Sustainability And Cost Efficiency

In honor of World Water Day, see how water features can foster sustainability, increase social impact, and lower operating expenses.
Aurion Launches Ionized Air Clean-Tech

Aurion Launches Ionized Air Clean-Tech

Aurion uses ionized air as a clean-tech alternative for metal working fluids and emulsions in parts manufacturing.
in-person meetings

Office Workers Struggle With Demand For Face-To-Face Meetings

Planes, trains, and automobiles serve as the new office as more than half of U.S. office workers struggle with demand for in-person meetings, finds Blacklane.
USAI Lighting Introduces The LittleTwos Lighting Solution

USAI Lighting Introduces LittleTwos Lighting Solution

The LittleTwos line is a collection of 2” aperture Pinholes and 2” diameter Cylinders that offers high-performance design in a small package. 
Renew America’s Schools

Applications Open For 2024 Renew America’s Schools Prize

The DOE will award $180 million to K-12 school districts to help them lower energy use and costs, improve indoor air quality, and foster healthier learning environments.
AI Facility Management

How To Harness AI For Enhanced Energy Visibility In Buildings

Coupled with net-zero building initiatives, AI advancements have set the stage for a transformative era in facility management.
Workforce Shortages Webinar

Worried About Workforce Shortages? Effective Strategies To Stay Ahead

During this free webinar, you'll learn the top 5 strategies that facility maintenance pros are implementing to overcome workforce shortages.
Webinar, Facility Capital Improvements

View This Free Video Webinar: Maximizing Value For Facility Master Planning

A panel of Facility Management leaders discuss long-term planning challenges and answer questions about maximizing the value of conducting a Facility Condition Assessments (FCA).

[VIDEO] Collect Asset Data at the Speed of Walking a Building

AI powered data collection with AkitaBox Capture. Take a picture of the asset nameplate, touch the floor plan to locate the asset and move to the next asset. Save up to 90% of your time in the field with AkitaBox Capture AI.