Autodesk & FM:Systems Partner on BIM and FM

Autodesk, Inc., and FM:Systems are joining to transition Autodesk FMDesktop customer support to FM:Systems. Under the terms of the agreement FM:Systems will provide Autodesk FMDesktop customers with extended support as well as an option to migrate to the firm’s FM:Interact Workplace Management Suite.

Building upon a shared goal to bring the benefits of BIM to the operations phases of a building’s lifecycle, the two companies will now work together to integrate BIM data from Autodesk software products with FM:Systems’ facilities software to support enhanced building operation and maintenance. Resulting applications should complement Autodesk 3D products, specifically those in the Autodesk Building Information Modeling (BIM) portfolio of products, and help customers simulate their ideas early in the design process as well as reduce time and cost in manufacturing or construction.

Existing Autodesk FMDesktop customers will be contacted by FM:Systems sales representatives to discuss their extended support and/or migration options. Customers may also call (800) 648-8030 for immediate assistance.