AVL Spec Builder Tool Saves Time For Architects

The AVL Spec Builder Tool delivers custom specifications to architects that are ready to use, without editing, from a single source.


The AVL Spec Builder Tool saves time for architects.
The AVL Spec Builder Tool saves time for architects.

AVL Systems, Inc., released an online Spec Builder tool that enables architects to generate custom AVL product specifications that don’t require editing. The AVL Spec Builder streamlines the acoustical design and specification process into three simple steps: 1) Architects input their project details, 2) select one or multiple AVL acoustical products, and 3) download and/or email their custom specifications. It is designed to save time for architects by delivering custom specifications that are ready to use, without editing, all from a single source.

How the AVL Spec Builder works:

To use the AVL Spec Builder, start by entering the project name and location along with a company name, branch location, and email address. Next, select from the product category menu of AVL’s product lines: Absorption, Diffusion, Reflection, Fabric & Vinyl, Decorative Coated Finishes, 3D Forms & Shapes, and Wood Products.

Once a category is selected, corresponding products are presented in a second drop-down menu. From there, select a product and corresponding details with the option to add additional products. For instance, in the category of Absorption, you could select AcousTech Wall & Ceiling Panels and then customize your panel thickness, edge detail, fabric selection, and fastener information. Additional categories and products can be added as needed, and once all products are selected, a simple click generates a customized specification document.

From there, you can download and/or email a copy of your customized specification in Word document format with the option to include the corresponding product data sheets. Each document can be selected and downloaded for immediate use with the additional option to send a zip file of all selected documents via email for future reference.

The project specifications created by the AVL Spec Builder tool provide a professional, ready-to-use specification that does not require any editing. The customized specification organizes all essential product details and is formatted with a consistent header that features the architect’s company name, project name, project location, and project number input in Step 1. 

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