Axo U-Light LED Suspension Light Fixture

Minimalist-design pendants consisting of a U-shape metal frame joined to a glowing ring of LED light

The U-Light LED from Axo Light is a suspension light fixture. It consists of a U-shape metal frame joined to a ring of LED light. Each pendant produces evenly diffused white light suited for a range of commercial, retail, and institutional interiors, including hospitality, reception areas, retail boutiques, museums, and professional offices.Axo-Light- U-Light- close

The U-Light suspends via three aircraft cables and has an aluminum structure. The U-channel ring contains the LED light strip covered by an acrylic diffuser to soften its downward directed light. U-Light contains a built-in dimmable light source and is available in three individual sizes.

The U-Light-90 suspends 139-5/8″ from the ceiling canopy. Its U is 32½” high with a 35-3/8″ diameter ring holding a 57.6 watt LED light strip that delivers 4,384 lumens.

The U-Light-120 suspends 157½” from the ceiling canopy. Its U is 44-3/8″high and the ring is 47¼” in diameter, holding an 86.4 watt LED light strip that delivers 6,576 lumens.

Axo-Light-U-LightThe U-Light-160 suspends 169¼” from the ceiling canopy. Its U is 56-1/8″ high with a 63″ diameter ring that holds a 108 watt LED light strip delivering 8,220 lumens.

The varied sized U-Light LED can be randomly positioned or interlocked to provide custom patterns of glowing horizontal rings of light. The suspension light fixture can be configured to combine any two or all three models, each independently hung. Their U shape frames intertwine for a visual illusion. A powder-coat, wrinkled finish is available in Anthracite Grey or Corten Rust. All U-Light LED models are ETL Listed.