Baldor Adds Dodge Raptor Coupling Sizes

Large E100, E120, and E140 sizes offer a torque range up to 340,340 in-lb.

The Dodge® Raptor coupling product line from Baldor Electric Company has been expanded. It is now designed to deliver up to 5.9x longer coupling life and to include sizes E100, E120, and E140 with a maximum torque rating of 340, 340 in-lb.

couplingA coupling is a device used to connect two shafts together at their ends for the purpose of transmitting power. The Dodge Raptor coupling utilizes patented WingLock™ technology, an optimized elastomeric element designed to provide longer driven equipment life and increased reliability. This technology increases surface area at the most critical regions of the element, resulting in higher bond strength, improved fatigue resistance, and significantly longer coupling life than competitive urethane designs.

The Raptor features a natural rubber flexible element that makes it static conductive for grounding redundancy, allowing current to safely pass through the natural rubber element and preventing the possibility of arcing during operation; exceptionally resistant to hydrolysis, for improved performance in humid environments; and thermally conductive with the ability to dissipate heat and hysteresis build up.

The maintenance-free non-lubricated natural rubber element offers significantly more flexibility than urethane designs. Natural rubber yields an element with approximately 50% lower torsional and bending stiffness, resulting in longer life for all types of connected driven equipment—including motors, pumps, compressors, and gearboxes. This means reduced bearing loads that yield up to a 16.7 times increase in L10 bearing life in connected equipment, less vibration transmission to connected equipment, and better shock damping capabilities.

Over time foundations settle, vibration occurs, and some level of misalignment may occur. While competitive urethane couplings can handle pure angular or parallel misalignment, their capabilities are diminished in applications with combined angular and parallel misalignment. When an elastomeric coupling is misaligned during operation, cyclic stresses are created, generating heat in a phenomenon known as hysteresis. The Raptor’s natural rubber element has superior heat dissipating capabilities versus competitive urethane elements. Additionally, the Raptor has a lower angular stiffness, allowing it to be more forgiving in misaligned conditions. These two features combined allow the Dodge Raptor to offer better misalignment capabilities. The Raptor provides accommodation of shaft misalignment during installation, operation, and replacement.

couplingFor reduced maintenance, the Raptor offers a split element for easy replacement without having to move or re-align connected equipment. Slotted clamp ring holes offer extra clearance for mounting hardware, resulting in a noticeably easier installation. Approximately 50% lower torsional stiffness makes the element easier to manipulate by hand during installation. To install, users fasten the shaft hubs, install the element, and tighten the hardware.

Suitable for a broad range of industrial applications, Dodge Raptor couplings are third party ATEX certified for use in hazardous environments. Raptor elements are also available as an armored element that exceeds ASTM 1149-07 rubber deterioration standards for use in extreme environments.

Available in both close-coupled and spacer designs for a wide range of ANSI and ISO shaft gaps, Raptor couplings are offered with Taper-Lock® and QD bushed or finished bore hubs and with bore sizes up to 9″. Hubs are reversible to accommodate a wide range of shaft gaps. Every Dodge Raptor is backed by a five year warranty.