Bantam6 Self Retracting Lifeline From WernerCo

The company has expanded its portfolio of SRLs for fall protection with the introduction of the compact retractable Bantam6.

WernerCo, a leader in ladders and manufacturer of climbing products and fall protection equipment, has expanded its portfolio of Self Retracting Lifelines (SRLs), including the compact retractable Bantam6. A rapidly growing product segment in the fall protection industry, according to WernerCo, the clear benefit of an SRL — in comparison to a lanyard — is the ability to reduce the fall distance by up to 5.5 feet. An SRL results in a shorter free fall for the user, therefore decreasing impact and chance of injury.

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WernerCo Bantam6 SRL

“At WernerCo, we continually develop and test new products that enhance functionality and productivity to create the safest and most efficient work environment,” said Eric Miller, Senior Product Manager at WernerCo. “The new Bantam6 SRL product line meets stringent safety requirements and expands our offering to include personal SRL options for lower heights, which is significant since a fall from a one-story building can cause serious injuries.”

The Bantam6 SRL family provides a solution that meets Class A Safety Standards in performance testing. These new SRLs extend and retract automatically during typical use so they won’t get in the way of the job ensuring maximum productivity and safety at the same time. Its brake mechanism activates immediately in the event of a fall.

The Bantam6 SRLs are compact and lightweight (less than 2.5 pounds). Available with a steel or aluminum hook, the Bantam SRL line features 310 pound rated capacity and durable 1″ Dyneema™ webbing.

In addition to the new Bantam6, WernerCo offers a variety of other fall protection SRL options, including the Baseline SRL, Max Patrol, and AutoCoil2.