Belimo Retrofit App for HVAC Replacement

Global tool allows users to find a full range of air, water, and sensor products based on a variety of parameters

Belimo Americas Retrofit App now includes a sensor module. The global application tool offers a full range of air, water, and now sensor products along with enhanced features providing users with fast HVAC replacement solutions.

HVAC replacement solutionsThe Retrofit App enables users to find retrofit products based on a variety of parameters, such as manufacturer, model, voltage, control type, torque, running time, and close-off requirements. Poorly functioning or even non-functioning systems can be transformed into more efficient systems by finding the right replacement.

Replacement solutions are compatible with all major control systems, so there is no need to replace other system controls. The App is free and is available from the iTunes store or Google play.

“The new Retrofit App is a great tool! With quick results and over 1GB of technical data to efficiently help facility managers, distributors, end-users, and even sales teams to locate the best replacement solution in real-time with part numbers and pricing,” states Danielle Kaminsky, Belimo Product Specialist.

The Retrofit App allows users to find HVAC replacement solutions for valves and actuators, which are responsible for ensuring reliable, functioning hydronic and air control HVAC systems all over the world. With innovative technology, verified quality, and easy handling during installations and operation, they boost the performance and efficiency of integrated building technology. The Belimo Retrofit App provides air and water retrofit application solutions with direct coupled or remote access linkages and energy efficient actuators.