Bell Weatherproof Outdoor Ceiling Fan Box

PRCF57550 provides a mounting and wiring junction for outdoor fans, chandeliers, or pendant lights

The PRCF57550 is weatherproof round electrical box from Bell Outdoor, part of Hubbell Commercial Construction. It is specifically designed to safely support ceiling fans and light fixtures outdoors.electrical box

The Bell PRCF57550 Outdoor Ceiling Fan Box provides a safe and secure mounting and weatherproof wiring junction for outdoor fans, chandeliers, or pendant lights. Part of Bell’s Outdoor Comforts™ line, this electrical box is designed to enhance outdoor spaces with the same convenience and comfort as indoors.

electrical boxThe PRCF57550 is constructed of heavy-duty PVC with an integrated galvanized steel support bracket. The 4″ round box mounts parallel, perpendicular, or 45° from a joist. The optional rain collar provides a weatherproof seal for fan canopies. It is UL, NEC, and NEMA 3R compliant. Fans or luminaires must also be outdoor/wet rated.

The integrated bracket allows the outdoor ceiling box to support fans up to 70 pounds or heavy luminaires and light kits up to 150 pounds. Five ¾” threaded entries provide convenient access for conduit or fittings. Three ½” reducer bushings and four closure plugs are included, along with mounting lag bolts and fan/fixture screws.

Available colors for the PRCF57550 include Gray, White, or Bronze.