BILCO Introduces Thermally Broken Automatic Smoke Vent

Automatic smoke vents protect property and aid firefighters in bringing a fire under control by removing smoke, heat and gases from a burning building.

BILCO’s new SVTB Thermally Broken Automatic Smoke Vent features R-20+ insulation and a frame and cover design that minimizes heat transfer between interior and exterior metal surfaces. Similar to the company’s line of thermally broken roof hatches, this new product resists harmful condensation and sets the standard for energy efficiency while providing the safety and protection of automatic smoke ventilation.

BILCO Thermally Broken Smoke Vent featuredStandard Features and Benefits

  • Thermolatch® positive hold/release mechanism ensures reliable vent operation when a fire occurs. It automatically releases vent covers upon the melting of a UL-listed 165°F (74°C) fusible link. The curb-mounted fusible link housing allows the latch to be quickly and easily reset from the roof level.
  • Engineered with powerful lifting mechanisms to open the covers in snow and wind conditions.
  • Heavy duty shock absorbers assure smooth opening and eliminate the possibility of operational, roofing or structural damage.
  • Fully insulated and gasketed for weather-tightness.
  • Constructed with corrosion-resistant materials to provide many years of trouble free, dependable service.

Smoke vents are ideally suited for large expanses of unobstructed space such as factories, warehouses, auditoriums, and retail facilities. Single-leaf smoke vents are ideal for applications requiring smaller vent areas, such as elevator shafts or stair wells.

This thermally broken automatic smoke vent is UL listed, complying with UL 703 and UL 790 Class A (burning brand test). It is available in both standard and custom sizes.

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