Bird Control And Pest Management

This assortment of bird control and pest management products can help facility managers deter birds and rodents from interior and exterior spaces.

Compiled by the Facility Executive Staff
From the June 2022 Issue

This assortment of bird control and pest management products can help facility managers deter birds and rodents from interior and exterior spaces.

Saflex® FlySafe™ 3D by Eastman

Eastman’s new polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer for laminated glass is Saflex FlySafe 3D, a solution to avoid bird collisions without compromising the view or the beauty of glass facades.

bird control and pest managementUnlike other bird-protection approaches that use printing or etching on the surface of the glass, Saflex FlySafe 3D features three-dimensional, reflective sequins between two layers of glass. The sequins catch the light at dierent angles, subtly twinkling to deter birds from the glass.

Due to the 3D nature of the sequins, less coverage is required; the discreet sequin pattern covers less than 1% of the glass area. The minimal coverage of the bird-deterring sequins makes Saflex FlySafe 3D interlayers suitable for a variety of applications.

Saflex FlySafe 3D helps builders and building owners meet emerging regulations and certifications for bird protection, including securing LEED SSpc55 pilot credits for bird collision deterrence thanks to a threat factor of less than 10 from the American Bird Conservancy.

Quadblaster QB-4 Bird Control System by Bird-X

The QuadBlaster QB-4 is an indoor ultrasonic bird control system composed of four built-in speakers and a solid steel construction. An optional, powerful flashing strobe light add-on creates a multi-sensory attack to frighten pest birds away from the designated area.

The QuadBlaster emits ultrasonic sounds specifically designed to disorient, intimidate, and irritate pest birds, deterring them out of the treated area and forcing them to find more accommodating areas to gather. The QB-4 covers up to 6,500 sq. ft. in enclosed or semi-enclosed areas. The system is ideal for commercial applications such as warehouses, factories, and parking garages.

Ultrasonic technology is silent to humans but irritating to pests. Installation is easy and cuts recurring cleanup and repair costs—protecting buildings, equipment, and vehicles from corrosive bird droppings. The supply power source is UL and CE listed and provides 60 triple pulse flashes per minute. Ultrasonic frequencies do not penetrate through solid walls or objects.

Rodent-Proof Kit For Automatic Entry Doors by Xcluder

Xcluder expanded its collection of rodent-proofing tools by launching the Xcluder Auto Slide Kit for Automatic Entry Doors. Designed to protect the automatic entry doors for grocery and other retail stores, the Auto Slide Kit is the latest addition to Xcluder’s line of rodent-proof exterior door sweeps.

bird control and pest management

Xcluder Rodent-Proof Door Sweeps feature Xcluder Fill Fabric—a blend of stainless steel and poly-fiber with sharp, coarse fibers that rodents cannot gnaw through—and durable TPV gaskets that create a weather seal for energy savings.

Automatic entry doors can be the most common entry points for rodents and outside contaminants. The Xcluder kit seals all of these points, allowing business owners and facility managers to protect their inventory, employees, and customers.

Xcluder’s newly-enhanced door sweeps include screw-on end caps that seal the outer edge from even the most industrious rodents, and an extended rubber flap to create a flush ground seal and prevent light penetration.

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