BKP 1204 Laundry Detergent by Bio-Kleen

BKP 1204 is a professional grade laundry detergent by Bio-Kleen. Safe for all washable fabrics, it is a concentrated liquid that removes stains in janitorial, industrial, and commercial applications.

laundry detergentSuitable for front and top loading washing machines, BKP 1204 performs well in both soft and hard water. The soap is fortified with cleaning agents, boosters, and brighteners for colors and whites. Water softeners and a controlled suds formula help to eliminate mineral deposits and washing machine repair problems.

BKP 1204 is phosphate free, septic safe, ozone safe, nontoxic, biodegradable, and non-aerosol. The detergent contains 100% active ingredients and provides a truly clean wash that is bright, fresh, and soft.

BKP 1204 commercial laundry detergent is made in the U.S. and has been tested and approved by the USDA Bio-Preferred Program. Safe for humans, animals, and aquatic life, it is cruelty free, has not been tested on animals, and does not contain any animal ingredients. The detergent uses recyclable corrugated packaging produced from post consumer recycled (PCR) content and biodegradable, compostable peanuts for packaging and shipping. The packaging can also be reused and is 100% recyclable.

The concentrated BKP 1204 cleaner is effective at allowing users to dilute per application. It requires four ounces for soft water and eight ounces for hard water based on 12 pounds of dry laundry. More detergent may be required for larger machines, severely soiled laundry, or excessively hard water.

BKP 1204 is available in a one gallon container or in a case of four gallons.