Bluon, Inc. Launches BluonSearch HVAC Database

BluonSearch is a new, updated database that helps HVAC distributors and technicians add decades of experience to daily interactions with customers.

Bluon, Inc., a company focused on upgrading the HVAC industry, announced the launch of BluonSearch, a comprehensive parts and equipment cross-reference HVAC database. BluonSearch represents a leap forward in enabling HVAC distributors to quickly determine their customers’ needs and satisfy them using their local inventory – all through an intuitive, brand-agnostic tool providing instant access to more than 300,000 unique model numbers and 3 million unique parts, with more than 40 million listed cross-references.

Bluon, Inc. Launches BluonSearch HVAC DatabaseDistributors lose a staggering portion of potential part orders – estimated at up to 50% – by not having an easy-to-use, comprehensive HVAC database enabling them to determine what part, or equivalent part, their customer actually needs. BluonSearch solves what is a shockingly pervasive problem in the HVAC industry, costing local distributors billions in lost potential revenue, and technicians countless hours of lost time.

BluonSearch is the rebirth of XREF, acquired by Bluon in 2021, that provided basic access to replacement parts and cross-reference information for HVAC distributors nationwide. Bluon and its team of technicians and database engineers spent nine months pouring over the immense database adding specifications and new connections and most importantly, ensuring data accuracy. The result is BluonSearch, an entirely new, updated database that allows even the most novice employees to instantly add decades of experience to their daily interactions with customers.

BluonSearch is part of the BluonLive platform, which will connect over 110,000 HVAC technicians currently using Bluon’s mobile support app with their local HVAC distributors. BluonLive, set to launch in June, will provide distributors with a powerful new way to receive order requests from technicians in the field that come fully informed. It will let the distributor know the specific model number that tech is working on and all known compatible replacements for specific parts requested.

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