Bobcat Expands Attachment Offerings


Bobcat Company's expanded attachment offerings.
Bobcat Company’s expanded attachment offerings.

Bobcat Company continued to expand its attachment offerings in 2023, enabling customers to accomplish more in landscaping, construction, forestry, agriculture and other industry applications. 

The expansion of attachments and implements includes the following new products: 

  • Super-Flow Planers: Bobcat super-flow planers are high-powered attachments capable of milling concrete and asphalt up to 7 inches thick. The attachments take advantage of the extra hydraulic power available in the Bobcat T86 compact track loader and S86 skid-steer loader, with super flow generating up to 42 gpm and 4,061 psi. The super-flow planers are available in 24-inch and 48-inch cutting widths. Bobcat also offers a 40-inch planer compatible with both super-flow and high-flow hydraulics. In all, Bobcat offers six planer attachments that accommodate standard, high-flow and super-flow hydraulics. 
  • Disc Mulchers: Bobcat introduced its disc mulcher attachment to help operators power through tough land-clearing applications. Compatible with a host of Bobcat skid-steer and compact track loaders, the disc mulcher features a high-velocity disc fitted with four-point, hardened-steel teeth. The disc mulcher cuts down trees up to 14 inches thick and can turn heavy brush and trees up to 6 inches thick into a bed of mulch, making this attachment functional for land-clearing applications within agriculture, landscaping, hardscaping, and residential and commercial development. The disc mulcher is available in 48-inch and 60-inch cutting widths. 
  • Drum Mulchers: Bobcat introduced a drum mulcher attachment for select excavators. Previously offered for select compact track loaders and skid-steer loaders, drum mulchers can get through heavy brush and trees up to 5 inches thick. This attachment allows excavator operators to clear trees and stubborn overgrowth along steep roadsides, riverbanks and other hard-to-reach areas. Bobcat offers three models, the 28DMX, 36DMX and 50DMX, with cutting widths of 28, 36 and 50 inches, respectively. The mulcher lineup can be operated with excavators ranging from 4 to 10 tons. Featuring axial piston hydraulic motors, these drum mulchers optimize rotor speed and torque for maximum productivity in a wide variety of land-clearing applications.
  • Augers: Bobcat has expanded its lineup of hydraulic-powered augers with four new models, the 12PH, 14PH, 20PH and 25PH, which offer a variety of torque and speed options to match a wide range of soil conditions and applications. Durable Bobcat augers are compatible with compact loaders, excavators, compact wheel loaders, telehandlers, small articulated loaders, Toolcat utility work machines and mini track loaders. The new augers are part of a larger lineup with various widths and digging depths. The lineup includes augers with hex shafts and shafts that accommodate both hex and round bits.
  • Heavy-Duty Brush Cutters: The Bobcat heavy-duty brush cutter’s high-efficiency, direct-drive AP4 motor maximizes hydraulic horsepower for optimal cutting of tall, thick vegetation, including trees up to 10 inches in diameter. The high cutting speeds, combined with the heavy-duty blades and stump jumper, maximize inertia to cut through dense vegetation in one pass. Compatible with a variety of compact track loaders and skid-steer loaders, the heavy-duty brush cutter is available in 62-inch, 74-inch, and 86-inch cutting widths. The lineup offers five motor options which align with standard- and high-flow carriers.
  • Grapples: Bobcat’s line of grapples includes an 80-inch and 86-inch root grapple, industrial bucket grapple and industrial fork grapple. There are 16 total models to tackle a variety of job site needs. These heavy-duty grapples are compatible with a wide variety of skid-steer loaders, compact track loaders, mini-track loaders, Toolcat work machines, tele-handlers, small articulated loaders and compact wheel loaders.
  • Brush Grapples: Bobcat brush grapples for compact tractors are capable of gathering and stacking brush, tree limbs and other loose materials. Available in two sizes, the 48-inch grapple is compatible with Bobcat 1000-platform sub-compact tractors while the 60-inch grapple fits all 2000-platform compact tractor models. 
  • Snow Blades for UTVs: Plow through deep drifts and quickly clear snow from wide sidewalks, walkways and driveways with the heavy-duty V blade, heavy-duty straight blade or the medium-duty, straight-blade attachment. 
  • Finish Mowers: Maintain large lawns with PTO-driven finish mowers that are compatible with select Bobcat compact tractors, sub-compact tractors and the UW53 Toolcat utility work machine. These implements feature high blade speeds, convenient access to maintenance points, and a rear discharge that allows operators to mow close to buildings and other structures. Connected to a 3-point hitch, the finishing mowers follow the ground contour to reduce scalping and leave behind an even, professional cut. Bobcat finish mowers are available in widths of 60 and 72 inches.

Attachments are a cost-effective alternative to operating high-cost machines dedicated to performing a select few job site tasks. With Bobcat attachments, customers can expand their job site versatility, save time, reduce labor, and generate new income sources.

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