Bona Commercial System® Concrete Floor Solution Introduced

This GREENGUARD certified product line from Bona US is designed to revitalize concrete floors in commercial facilities.

Bona US, supplier of products to install, renovate, maintain, and restore premium floors, has introduced the Bona Commercial System® Concrete Floor Solution for the renovation of indoor concrete floors. The offering is an expansion of the Bona Commercial System product line and is specially formulated for indoor, ventilated concrete floors.

concrete floor
A concrete floor is improved with the application of the Bona Commercial System® Concrete Floor Solution.

“Most indoor concrete floors become dull over time and require a quarterly or semi-annual polish which is a labor-intensive process requiring the use of harsh chemicals,” said Dave Posey, national sales manager, Facility Solutions for Bona US. “This new system from Bona adds a clear protective layer to the surface eliminating the need to burn or polish ever again.”

The system uses a clear coat protective finish that creates a flat, monolithic surface which is free of cracks or crevices. Therefore, germs and dirt can be more easily removed leading to a healthier floor and facility. And, because the floor never needs polishing, the facility no longer needs to use harsh chemicals typically used in the polishing process — improving the indoor air quality and the wastewater system.

The Bona Commercial System Concrete Floor Solution is designed to provide a better surface for concrete floors. The sustainable system is formulated with quick drying properties for minimal downtime in the space. Additionally, the Bona Commercial System Concrete Floor Solution offers exceptional durability and chemical resistance to withstand etching to the surface due to repeated exposure to disinfecting cleaning solutions, hand sanitizers, or other spills that can occur in a commercial setting.concrete floor

“Similar to our renewal system for resilient floors, we can save facilities significant down time and money particularly with the labor shortages in the industry,” continued Posey. “Once a floor is coated with our Bona Commercial System Concrete Floor Solution it never needs polishing again just standard cleaning and maintenance.”

Bona recommends maintaining the newly renewed concrete floor with the Bona Commercial System Hard-Surface Floor Cleaner and Bona Commercial System Mop Kit.

The full system of products in the Bona Commercial System Concrete Floor Solution include: The Bona Commercial System Multi-Surface Floor Primer; Bona Commercial System Multi-Surface Floor Prep & Degreaser; Bona Commercial System Base Color Grey Stone; and Bona Commercial System Concrete Clear Coat. These products can be found at Jan-San distribution such as Triple S, Diversey, Grainger, and Brady Industries.

Bona US, the North American subsidiary of BonaAB in Malmö, Sweden, manufactures and distributes floor care and home cleaning products. The first in the industry to offer a full system of waterborne hardwood floor finishing and floor care products certified for indoor air quality by GREENGUARD, Bona products can be found throughout the U.S. and Canada.