Bona Expands SuperSport Line With ClearSeal

Bona SuperSport ClearSeal is a completely clear waterborne sealer that dries quickly and can be used on hardwood athletic surfaces.

Bona's SuperSport ClearSeal™
Bona’s new SuperSport ClearSeal™ finish

Bona’s new addition to its SuperSport line of finishes, sealers and paints—the Bona SuperSport ClearSeal™—is a completely clear waterborne sealer that dries quickly, has premium build characteristics and is easy to abrade. With a clear formulation and no added pigments, the product highlights the natural look of any hardwood athletic surface and allows for the true color of gamelines to be on display. The product is recommended for basketball courts, multi-purpose gyms, stage, aerobic, dance and yoga floors, volleyball courts, racquetball, squash and badminton courts.

Bona SuperSport ClearSeal is a four-coat system: one-to-two coats of the product, CourtLines or SuperSport Paint® and two coats of a Bona Sport® finish.

Once applied, recommended with a clean 18” or 24” Bona Swivel Head Floor Coater with a Bona Floor Coater Sleeve, Bona SuperSport ClearSeal provides an initial layer that prevents the finish from penetrating into the wood. The product will adhere to most stains, paints, sealers and finishes after proper preparation and dry times. The finish maintains the appearance of colorants applied prior to the seal coat while providing a more consistent and uniform wear layer to the flooring.

Bona SuperSport ClearSeal is GREENGUARD Certified and MFMA compliant.

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