BONUS FUNNY: Rest Room Etiquette

Real correspondence from the exciting world of facility management… (The names have been changed to protect the innocent AND the guilty.) WARNING: THIS EXCHANGE CONTAINS MORE REFERENCES TO THE REST ROOM. SOME MAY BE CONSIDERED GRAPHIC!

From: Certain Tenant A
Sent: Wednesday, July 12, 2006 5:27 PM
To: Property Manager X
Subject: ladies room

Dear Property Manager X,
Ever since Other Tenant B has come into the building, there have been problems with the bathrooms. Tonight there are two stalls where the toilets have not been flushed, etc. It is disgusting.

We are tired of walking into this type of mess all the time. It is not the responsibility of your maintenance crew to spend every moment in the rest rooms to be certain they are clean.

It is the responsibility of the people who use the rest room. Do I need to come and give hygiene lessons to the folks at Other Tenant B?

Certain Tenant A

Property Manager X wrote:

We’ll talk with Other Tenant B’s HR folks again — they’ve been receptive to our comments as they’re hearing the complaints too.

We share your frustration, Certain Tenant A, and will circle back with the janitorial team and see if we can increase the day porter rounds even more.

Property Manager X

From: Certain Tenant A
Sent: Thursday, July 13, 2006 8:37 AM
To: Property Manager X
Cc: leasing agent
Subject: Re: ladies room

Property Manager X,
Your janitors are fine. They can’t possibly be in every rest room constantly. Otherwise they would have to be in there all day.

If the root of the problem is handled, everything should be fine.

Certain Tenant A

From: Property Manager X
Sent: Thursday, July 13, 2006 9:01 AM
To: Other Tenant B’s HR manager and General Manager
Subject: Common Areas
Importance: High

Other Tenant B Execs,
We are still receiving complaints from other tenants regarding common area cleanliness and behavior. Other tenants are witnessing Other Tenant B employees leaving trash in the common areas (rest rooms, lobbies, outside common areas, parking area, etc.). We have received several complaints about Other Tenant B’s rest room etiquette also. I have described in detail the rest room etiquette issues in the past. Having a dedicated day porter has helped reduce the number of complaints. Unfortunately if the behavior does not change, the problem will continue.

We have recently had problems with employees putting paper products in the urinals and clogging them. We put a sign up asking employees not to put paper products in the urinals and they put the sign in the urinal. This problem moved up to the second floor after the last training class ended. We had to put screens on the urinal drains to keep them from clogging.

We have received complaints about large groups of employees gathering in the lobbies during breaks. Employees on the second floor will lean over the railing and hold conversations with employees on the ground floor. They eat snacks in the lobbies and leave their trash. They talk in very loud voices, gather by entryways, and distract tenants in the nearby suites.

Can you address these issues again with your employees? Other tenants are very frustrated and they are making increasingly negative comments about Other Tenant B. I am concerned that this may escalate.

Property Manager X
Certain Tenant A,

I have notified Other Tenant B’s management and HR and they have been very responsive in the past. We are working to improve the situation and I appreciate you keeping us updated on the situation.


Property Manager X