BONUS WEIRD WEDNESDAY: Your Own, Personal (LEGO) Jesus

Photo: AFP
Photo: AFP

Playing off the cliche, “when life gives you LEGO, build a statue of Jesus” (or something like that), and reinforcing my obsession with all things LEGO and spiritual, I just had to share this Easter inspired story from Vaesteras (near Stockholm), Sweden. Many of you may have seen it already, but if not, here goes.

Apparently, 40 volunteers have been working for approximately 18 months on a special Easter project. What was the project? It’s a nearly six-foot statue of Jesus made from 30,000 donated LEGOs.

Installed for an indefinite period of time in the Protestant Oensta Gryta Church, the statue was made from white bricks on the outside and color bricks on the inside and modeled after a 19th century sculpture by the Danish artist, Bertel Thorvaldsens. (Thus explaining the LEGO connection, since LEGO is a Danish company?)

Not much more to say, except apologies to Depeche Mode for hijacking that song title.