Boon Edam Entry Selection Mapping Tool

BoonSelect guides decision-makers in making the best entrance product decisions for the long-term

BoonSelect from Boon Edam Inc., a provider of security entrances and architectural revolving doors, is a new solution mapping tool. It breaks down the complex entry selection process and helps decision makers choose the right entrance solutions for their unique goals. BoonSelect features seven factors to consider prior to making an entrance decision. Boon Edam entry experts are trained on the right questions to ask as they walk a decision maker through each of the factors, making people think about the “why” and all of the considerations that will affect the end decision.Entry Selection

Being responsible for making the decision to implement new security turnstiles or revolving doors at a facility can be a challenge. Security and Facility Managers are responsible for the safety and security of all who enter a campus or facility via its entrances. And each entrance location has a different set of users, traffic levels, security requirements, environmental requirements, etc. BoonSelect formalizes the entry selection process, providing clarity, peace of mind, and confidence in an investment that can last 10 or more years.

BoonSelect outlines seven decision factors to be considered prior to an entrance implementation strategy:

  1. Throughput

Throughput affects users on a daily basis. To make the correct entrance decision, it is important to consider both the type of users as well as the number of users during certain times of the day. For instance, are there children, service animals, or carts entering? Are there specific peak times of users, a changing shift, or possibly a lunchtime? Does traffic require a certain “comfort zone”? And is there a need for accessibility for wheelchairs and your deliveries?

  1. Security

Security should be deliberated in every entrance decision, from doors to barriers. High on everyone’s radar these days, users should give thought to whether there are different security zones they would like to establish within a building. They should think about the risks they are trying to mitigate—is prevention or detection of tailgating preferred, and does the security level vary at different times of the day? Also, consider whether the public would need access to secured areas, and finally if there is a need to secure the entrance remotely.

  1. Safety

The safety of employees, visitors, and users to a building is paramount and should be an important factor when making an entrance decision. Mull over the different user types; children, elderly users, as well as to what extent the solution is needed to keep the occupants of the building safe. Evaluate any local codes or norms the solution may need to conform to, as well as what the fire or evacuation, crisis, or emergency strategies are.

  1. Aesthetics

A building entrance is the calling card, the first impression for both staff and visitors. It is therefore important to balance functionality with design to achieve overall goals. Think about the use of aesthetics to achieve high-end, high-tech, blend-in, or stand-out entrances, fit for their function and purpose. Take into account different materials, glazing options, and architectural finishes to match design ambition.

  1. Technology

Technology is at the heart of many products and services, including those in the entry. As technology is continually evolving, it should be a top consideration when thinking about up to date and future-proof innovations. Using more recent technologies and enabling consistent updates will ensure optimal performance and therefore minimize the impact on carbon footprint. Is it sensitive to local country power legislation and health and safety? Also look at integration capabilities, what additional, and new technologies can integrate into an entry selection? Plus, trend research is important. Is there a dedicated task team scanning the globe for innovative technologies to boost life cycle and efficiency?

  1. Comfort

Comfort should be examined regardless of what entrance is selected. Think about ease of use, intuitiveness, and user experience, but also about environmental comfort. Users should consider the importance of energy efficiency in their building, and whether there are any energy certifications you are looking to achieve. But also consider the impact of the entrance on your staff and visitors sitting in the area.

  1. Service

Service relates not only to service of the physical product, but also service to users. Service and maintenance are typically considered last when making a buying decision. Yet, during and after installation the level of service directly impacts continued operations and ROI. Users should base expectations on response times in times of breakdown, planned preventative maintenance, as well as the need to life-time cover or concern for product usage data.

“BoonSelect is an efficient driver for starting productive conversations that our customers appreciate,” said JC Powell, Vice President of Sales at Boon Edam Inc. “A client will often ask for an entrance solution that does not meet the overall security goals or traffic requirements of their facility. BoonSelect helps all the stakeholders explore what they don’t know and think about their overall risk posture, and eventually come to the best entrance decision for their unique facility or campus.”


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