Boston's Big Dig–from Bad to Worse

A woman was recently killed in one of Boston’s Big Dig Tunnels after a ceiling tile fell. The tunnels have been closed for more than a week, causing numerous problems–choking traffic and hampering business and tourism around the area.

Back in May, FacilityBlog reported on several arrests made at Aggregate Industries in conjunction with the quality of concrete used on the project. But with one fatality and several serious concerns, the new problems are even more threatening.

Problem areas in the tunnels have more than doubled in the past few days according to Governor Romney, due to faulty bolts/connectors that hold the ceiling panels in place. The practice of using epoxy with anchor bolts has been dubbed a systemic failure by the Governor, and new techniques will have to be explored and tested.

For more on the new technique and details on the latest developments with the Big Dig, check this link.