Bowtie App Controls Electrical Systems

BowVue 2.0 allows electrical system managers to view and manage those systems from mobile devices or desktops

BowVue™ 2.0 from Bowtie Engineering™, an electrical safety engineering consulting firm, is a patent-pending dashboard app. It offers users clear visibility and control over their electrical systems from mobile devices or desktops.electrical systems

BowVue 2.0 is the second version of Bowtie’s risk management application. The updated software serves as a portal into electrical system operations, giving companies complete visibility into the risks associated with their systems. With the software upgrade, users can track conditions of maintenance and “who” is qualified at specific asset levels.

Both a desktop and a mobile app, BowVue lets users store maintenance records and evaluate the condition of maintenance, utilizing a five-star system, while linking the “qualified” worker with the risk. With three mouse clicks, BowVue can assure users that operations are in compliance with the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) 70E and 70B standards and OSHA regulations.

“BowVue is the only app available today that offers managers, who are accountable for risk and safety, the ability to have one view, at one time, in one place,” said John Welch, CEO of Bowtie Engineering. “Those responsible for the safety of their electrical systems can now view those systems nationwide and in Canada, with assurance the right process, the right person, and the right tools are in place.”

According to Welch, BowVue helps operations with job-planning by associating necessary risk assessment details at the asset level. The new version also offers companies assurance their electrical systems are being worked on in compliance and ensures all the pieces are in place for an adequate risk assessment. BowVue offers users a detailed view of their system inventory and necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for task assignments. The dashboard-based app also connects with Bowtie’s Incident Energy Studies, Electrical Maintenance, and Energy Services for seamless imports of thousands of data points.

BowVue works seamlessly with all Bowtie services—Incident Energy Studies, Electrical Maintenance, and Energy Studies.

  • Managed services
  • Risk assessment link to qualified staff
  • Cal/cm2 at asset level
  • Pre-Task Planner for simultaneously looking at Maintenance Risk
    and Incident Energy Risk