BPV-125 Backpack Vacuum for Dry Cleanup

New product from Goodway Technologies boasts power and portability with a convenient design

The BPV-125 from Goodway Technologies is an industrial backpack vacuum for dry cleanup. It offers powerful cleaning power while residing in a comfortable backpack unit that makes it easier to maneuver throughout a job site, including tight, cramped areas like as stairwells, aisles, seats, and shelving.

backpack vacuumThe BPV-125 comes with a full set of attachments and integrated tool belt, keeping all the accessories within arm’s reach while technicians perform the job. The system roars through tough dirt and debris with its heavy-duty 1.25 HP motor (1,350 watts) but is quiet on the job producing just 65 dBa. It is also light on the back weighing only 10.6 pounds.

“The BPV-125 was built to make it easier for technicians to handle any job without having to worry about guiding a large, bulky vacuum throughout the jobsite,” says Tim Kane, president of Goodway Technologies. “It’s got the power, the added the convenience of portability, and the tool belt for attachments, which eliminates extra trips to the truck.”

backpack vacuumThe BPV-125 includes a .87 gallon disposable paper filter collection bag and a 1½ gallon tank with straps, hose, wand, and other accessories. It measures 20″ H x 12″ W x 14″ D with a high-impact, molded plastic body and produces a static water lift of 125″ and an air displacement of 53 CFM. Voltage is 115V, 10.5A 50/60Hz.

The lightweight and portable qualities of the backpack vacuum make it suitable for a range of applications, including cleaning airplane, train, and bus seats and aisles; HVAC vents; construction sites; and railings and hard to reach corners on the floor or ceiling of any building.

A HEPA version of this backpack vacuum is also available. The BPV-100H model weighs 13 pounds and features the same integrated tool belt, but also includes a HEPA filter.