Branch Creek Launches Safer Play Turf And Lawn Products

Safer Play’s new products help lawn care professionals protect lawns and turf fields from weeds and insects, without the use of EPA-registered pesticides.

Branch Creek, a manufacturer of cleaner growing and surface maintenance solutions, has announced the launch of its Safer Play line of turf and lawn products. Part of the Branch Creek Lawncare Program, Safer Play’s Weed Shield, Grub Shield, and Lawn Food with Crabgrass Prevention help lawn care professionals protect lawns and turf fields from weeds and insects, without the need to use EPA-registered pesticides.

Branch Creek Safer Play turf lawn products
Weed Shield contains a Botanical Oil Blend that the EPA has exempted from being registered as a pesticide. (Photo: Branch Creek / Safer Play)

“These are game-changing turf solutions, providing the control you want without the pesticides you don’t,” said Nate Clemmer, CEO of Branch Creek. “Most playing fields, lawns and gardens use registered pesticides. When we – and our children – run, slide, scoop up a ball or simply sit down, we come into contact with chemicals that can have a negative impact on our wellness and our planet.”

Safer Play’s line of liquid and granular control products is made exclusively of ingredients classified as “minimum risk” under section 25(b) of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA). These control products fight insects, weeds, and other landscaping threats.

Lawn Food with Crabgrass Prevention is a non-manure-based, biosolid-free fertilizer with no restrictions on reentry time after application. Weed Shield kills and prevents weeds from forming with a botanical oil blend that does not harm grass. With a unique combination of botanical oils, oyster and clamshells, Grub Shield is a natural and eco-friendly product that works to control grubs and other surface-feeding insects such as chinch bugs.

“These products are so benign, they don’t require yellow hazard signs,” Clemmer added. “Yet, they are so potent and effective, you’ll never need to use registered pesticides.”