Did You Miss Our Bridging The Gap Between Construction Close-Outs And Facilities Webinar?


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As-builts and closeouts are clogging up our 20+ year old buildings. These construction documents are critical for successful renovations and remodels. Facility teams spend hours searching for current plans kept in paper format or electronically.

Technology solutions help us with our personal and business lives, so why should facilities be any different? You shouldn’t have to operate your building blindly for months while waiting for GCs to send you the close-outs.

View this free video webinar and you’ll learn:

  • How to get closeout information faster
  • How to view and retrieve construction plans instantly on a mobile device
  • Managing construction plans actively to avoid closeout challenges
  • How to incorporate closeouts seamlessly with historical building plans
  • How to gain transparency to the project document process including revisions
  • How to access RFIs & ASIs info throughout the project
  • Keeping documents organized during and after construction

Bridging The Gap Between Construction Close-Outs And Facilities Webinar

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