Build Resilient Structures in High Wind Areas

Simpson Strong-Tie adds construction guide to solutions that protect against hurricanes & tornadoes

Simpson Strong-Tie, provider of engineered structural connectors and building solutions, released a newly updated High Wind Guide to help engineers, designers, builders, and contractors quickly and easily select the best connectors for building resilient structures in high wind areas. The High Wind Guide is now available in the Simpson Strong-Tie High-Performance Solutions for High wind Forces online resource center alongside additional resources to help safeguard the structural integrity of homes and buildings during hurricanes, tornadoes, and other high wind events.

high wind areasTime and again, we see the havoc that high winds in the form of tornadoes or hurricanes can wreak upon structures, and this year is no different. In fact, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration had predicted a busy 2020 hurricane season (which it has been), with a 60% chance of above-normal activity, which translates to 13 to 19 named storms anticipated (to date 13 have already hit). With the frequency and forcefulness of tornadoes also on the rise, homeowners and building owners have incentive to retrofit existing structures to withstand high wind events, and adding connectors is a straightforward and affordable solution for boosting structural resiliency from hurricanes and tornadoes.

Created as a complete handbook for designing and building in high wind areas, the Simpson Strong-Tie High Wind Guide includes completely updated allowable load tables per AC13 (ASTM D7147) standards, crucial data for engineers designing structures to resist high wind events. Extensive testing of multiple connectors in some cases has resulted in higher allowable loads, most notably for the H2.5A and H2.5T hurricane ties as well as for the Strong-Drive® SDWC15600 Truss screw.

In addition, the updated High Wind Guide includes installation details; information on coatings and corrosion protection; is organized by framing condition, with products listed in order of increasing allowable load; and includes values for connections that use multiple connectors. New Simpson Strong-Tie connectors including the CSHP high-performance coiled strap, PSQ strap ties, and CBT concealed beam tie have also been added to the High Wind Guide for the first time. In addition, updated masonry connector tables feature the new Titen Turbo™ concrete and masonry screw anchor.

“Engineers and builders are determined to find more efficient high wind construction solutions and ways to safeguard structures from hurricanes and tornadoes,” says Simpson Strong-Tie engineering manager Bryan Wert. “Simpson Strong-Tie continues to work with academia and others in the construction industry to help builders create more resilient communities with strengthened structures that save lives during high wind events. In short, build with the best to prepare for nature’s worst.”


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